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Clair's diary - I dont believe I have finally done it xx!!



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S: 16st9lb C: 13st0.5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 3st8.5lb(21.67%)
Yea every week!! Every Wednesday night before weigh in I sleep about half as much! ha ha! This diet is such a big deal to me for some reason!! I just wanna do well!! xxx
Thankyou at least I am not the only person that feels very very nervous about tomorrow.

I will post and let you know how I get on, hopefully it wont be as painful as I think it is going to be.

This is worse than having to got to the dentist......LOL hahaha :D
Well here we go another week down and hopefully another couple of pounds down.

Weigh in is tonight so nerves will be kicking in alday today!
Hi ya! What time is your weigh in tonight?!

Mine's at about 7...I have butterflies in my tummy this morning!!

Can't wait to see how you get on - I'll be logging on as soon as I get home to see how you've done!

Good luck hun!!!
My weigh in is at 7...... Even though it is the second week by the looks of it the nerves do not get any better........LOL

I also will be logging on when I get home to see how you and Starlight have done, I dont know what time Starlight gets weighed but I know it is today sometime.

Good luck to you babe and nothing to be nervous about LOL....(she says with B52 flying around her stomache) LOL

What have you got for dinner today? and will you be eating before or after you have been weighed?

Starlight isn't weighing in today, she's weighing in at the docs tomorrow instead...so we'll have to wait til then for her result.

I'll be eating dinner after weigh in. That's what I did last week so I'll do the same every week - don't want to risk extra weight showing on the scales, ha ha.
2 great minds think alike.......that is exactly what I do! :D :D

Oh well not long to go now before we find out. Are you staying for the meeting tonight or are you leaving before that starts. I will probably not do the meeting and come home straight after being weighed.

I don't think I'll stay for the meeting either - I'm hoping to just pop on the scales for some GOOD news, then it's straight back home (via the kebab shop, ha ha ha).

I am soooooooo nervous! I literally feel sick with nerves! It's stupid isn't it, but I can't help it.
Thank you All :D

Counting Down Marie :p

Seriously though i'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

Best of Luck to ya! x
Hi All

I am back from my weigh in for this week and I lost 2.5 lbs which I am pleased with. :D

I also brought my set of food weighing scales and they are fab, been weighing everything with them LOL :D

Just waiting for Marie now to find out how she has done! x
Well done on your 2.5lbs Clair, that's brilliant for a 2nd week...hopefully I'll follow in your footsteps next week too! Hehe!!
Yes well done you, you must be as pleased as I was last week with my 4 lbs, its great is'nt it.

I have just posted on your thread while you where posting on mine LOL :D

This has to call for a :hug99: WELL DONE!!

I am thrilled to bits to seeing as I messed up a bit during the week LOL.....OOOOPs better luck next week. I just missed out on my 0.5 stone by 0.5 lbs LOL I'll get it next week LOL


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