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clair's diary

I'm just at the end of my first week on xenical and i'm feeling really positive.
i haven't weighed myself yet i thought i would leave it til i return back to the doctors in 2 weeks ( although curiosity will proberbly get the better of me).
i am however hoping for a miracle and will be expecting a huge weight loss. i always want everything now, i want to get up in the mornings at my goal weight but like the weight watchers leader always used to say that only happens if you go to bed your goal weight.
i wish everyone well on there mission to rid them selfs of the invading body fat
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I would never last another 2 weeks, I have turned in to a serial weigher, not really a good idea, but only the weigh in on a Friday counts, or this is what I tell myself. Good luck with your weight loss journey, and long may the positive attitude last!

KB x
There's no way I could go that long without weighing! I think I'm going to have to get my OH to confiscate the bathroom scales, and let me have them once a week (or maybe every 5 days!!) as otherwise I'll be on them all the time. Good luck with your first weigh in :)
had a few side effects today because i had meat and potatoe pie 2 days ago i thought i had got away with it lol its not to bad tho.
i was wondering if anyone else GP suggested that they take 2 pills with each meal like mine did?
2 pills with each meal?? :eek: Sounds like an overdose to me! Bad luck on the side effects but it's all trial and error at the beginning and you'll know for the next time.

KB x
2 pills with each meal?? :eek: Sounds like an overdose to me!
I agree, I've just googled it, and everything I've read states that you should never take a double dose, even if you forgot your tablet at the last meal.
I'd have a word with your GP about that!
I agree, I've just googled it, and everything I've read states that you should never take a double dose, even if you forgot your tablet at the last meal.
I'd have a word with your GP about that!

I was just about to say that x
Hi Clair-Louise :)

Good luck in reaching your goals!
well now im wondering if xenical works better the longer you have been on it because i managed my first week with very little side effects and now im having them everyday but still sticking to a low fat diet, i am not complaining as i can manage these side effects and its also comfirming to me that they are working just wondering what other people have exerienced.
I would say there must be something causing the side effects. I have been on Xenical for nearly 3 months now and haven't had any "unexpected" side effects, any I have had I know exactly what caused it!

KB x
I've always had the side effects

I guess it probably depends from person to person or you're maybe more careful at the start
Hmmnnn, I've never noticed an increase in the side effects over time, and in theory, that shouldn't happen. Xenical isn't supposed to build up in your system, that's why we have to take it with every meal, rather than just once a day or something like that.
I'd be tempted to have another look at what you're eating, because side effects are never pleasant even if you can manage them - some things, like eggs, are actually higher than the recommended fat limit for Xenical, yet they're still 'healthy' foods. Butter/Marg is the same - even the low fat varieties can have huge amounts of fat per 100g.
Anyway, I'm rambling now :D If you need any more advice then maybe you could post a couple of days worth of food here?
Good luck, and I hope the side-effects subside :)


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey un!

was just wondering what dose are your orlistat? He may have pescribed you the lower does which would explain why you are to take 2! Side effects can come 72 hours after food if you ate something over the 5% rule or the 15g rule!

Also when you said the first week you didnt get many side effects i have looked up on the internet the tablets can take 5-7 days to get into your system and work as they should! So maybe thats why you didnt get many in the first wek. The tabs take a thirdof the fat outta food so you will still get some side effects! As long as your sticking to the rules i really wouldnt worry! It effects people differently!

good luck on your journy hun!

love katie
mine are 120 mg, so if they can take up to a week to get in your system does that mean you prob wont lose much in your first week, side effects have gone again now and have notices that it has taken different amounts of time for the effects to show on different occations, i have been very good for the last few days and all is fine cant wait for next week to get weighed
when i heard about xenical throught friends i thought it was an easy way of loosing weight i didnt realise you have to put effort into it gee i was so wrong. i dont know how much i have lost but already i can get into a pair of genes that i bought a few weeks ago that i couldnt get into a couple of weeks ago .
Unfortunately there is no quick fix cure to lose weight :(

So inevitably you're going tohave to work at it, but if you can already fit into smaller clothes you must be doing something right!! :)


gunna be a fatty for ever

alot of people dont loose in the first week but again every one is different! Its really wierd how you learn whats good and bad for you re the side effects! When i first started i found it difficult finding out the fat content in raw food like eggs and chicken!

I know exactly what you mean re the effort you have to put in! I went to docs demanding reductil an came away with xen i was right cheesed off! lol but what eating habits you learnfrom xen set you up for life!

wel done on the jeans! its fab when u have little personal milestones isnt it! make it worth while!

hope u had a fab weekend

love katie!

ps r u still taking 2 120mg tablets? thats way too much!!!
HI everyone ive been on oristat for about 3 months havnt had any side effects so stupid me decided to have a chinese the works spare ribs etc how wrong was i couldnt get off the loo for 3 days i felt so bad never ever again debbie x
ooo chinese food i nearly folded last night for a nice takeaway although i thought i would be good and get boiled rice instead of the usual fried, i was however going to eat chips and beef black pepper so i dont think eating boil rice with it would have done any different.
kae i also went to the GP hoping for reductil and found it has been banned i was also gutted i felt i would benefit from an appetite suppressent better than xenical, but im so determined to get out of this fat suit, six more days to weigh in!


gunna be a fatty for ever
hehe im so glad he didnt give me reductil there has been so many bad stories with it eeekk!

good luck for your first weigh in hun!

be sure to let us all know how u go on!

love katie

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