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Class cancelled again

Hi all

This isn't really a rant, but I just wanted to come on and say how disappointed I am that my class was cancelled again last night. Apparently, my C had a death in her family and didn't want to do the class, so we just paid our £4.95 and got weighed.

I only started in late March, and, as our class is on a Monday, we have missed out on quite a few due to bank holidays, and the C did the same thing as last night when her mother was sick a few weeks ago. On Easter Monday and the last bank holiday, she just did an express weigh-in in the mornings, and will do the same for the next bank holiday (which I can't make because I'll be working during the day).

I appreciate that things come up and totally sympathise with the difficulties my C is having, but by the end of this month, I will have had 5 occasions since 22nd March where I have paid £4.95 to just be weighed. I really look forward to my class, and am just a little disappointed at the amount of times I miss out on it. I am also a little annoyed with the fact that I have to take the next bank holiday as a SW holiday, even though I can't make the class (normally go in the evening, but express weigh-in is in morning). I'm in Northern Ireland, and we will have another bank holiday on 12th July and this will fall on a Monday too, so that's another day when we will have no class.

Please don't get me wrong, I am totally sympathetic to my C, and things must be tough for her, so that's not what this is about. I don't really know what I am expecting by posting here, but just wanted to express my frustrations.
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Not sure how it works in every other class, but when my C is away she always has someone to replace her (normally another C from nearby). Also if our WI falls on a Bank Holiday we still have the class.

Are there any other classes nearby which you could attend which fall on a different day of the week (so you won't be affected with the BH)? Or what about asking your C instead of marking you as a holiday on the next BH if you can go to another class for that week.

I would speak with her and raise my concerns...after all you are forking out money for these classes!
That's rotten for you I understand your frustrations. There isn't another group you could attend on a different day? Around here they tend to still do them on bank holidays but I guess it's up to the C. Trying not to be mean to the C but it sounds like a bit of a cop out to me. It's understandable with a death in the family but the times with illness you'd think she'd try and find a replacement to cover if possible. Perhaps she did but with no luck.

I'd have a look for another group if I were you, sorry it's not been great. Five since March is far too much imo.


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ahhh must be really fustrating......like you say you can understand what shes going through but i would feel hacked off with that paying and not getting what you are entitled too so many times in such a short period.
Thanks for the replies! There is another class on a Wednesday night, which is actually closer to where I live, but I actually quite like the class (i.e. the members) that I go to. I live in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else, so I go to the class in the next town, so that I know the people just as SW people, if you know what I mean.

However, if this does continue, I might have to change, even though it will be very reluctantly. When you think about it, £25 of what I have paid in the last 9 weeks has been for nothing except a jump on the scales :sigh:
Should also say, there were no magazines for sale last night, so have to wait another week for that, and in the weeks where we just weigh in, my C never gives us the SW password (having said that, I never remember to ask her), so we loose out on that too.
At the classes I have been to the password has always been printed on a piece of paper at the paying desk or at weigh-in. You should not have to ask for it.


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I'd be annoyed too. And would certainly go to another group anyway, just so you feel like you can trust someone to hold the group. I don't think you should pay at all, just to WI, its the group support I pay for and self help tips etc.. WI is the 1st bit.. but we all need the rest.. x

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