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Clothes shopping

As a bloke I have never been one for clothes shopping at the best of times but as I got bigger I absolutely hated it. The very idea of trailing round the shops and looking at clothes that didnt and wouldnt fit made me miserable.

It made it worse that my wife loves going clothes shopping and so I am dragged along as a "fun" way to spend our weekends together.

It got to the stage where I would look at a rack of clothes and not even look at the clothes themselves just the sizes. Have they got something that will fit me, if so if it doesnt look too bad I will buy it just so I have something to wear.

It has just dawned on me that this diet is going to cost me a fortune....

New clothes that will actually fit, I can actually start looking at the styles of things again and buy things that I like as opposed to just something that will fit.

New suits for work, New shirts, trousers you name it, I am already noticing after only ten days that my clothes are getting looser and my belts are into holes never touched for years.

I am still not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing!!!!! More excuses for the wife to drag me shopping.
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Stubborn tortoise
It's a good thing... promise!!! Well done and good luck!

Hey i know what you mean....
when i used to shop with my teens, i used to scan the racks for sizes rather than suffer the humiation of ruffling through them only to realise there was one crappy item in a size 22/24..
I turned into a 'bag lady' as I just lost all my self respect and as such lived looking like i was on the streets.. maybe a slight exageration but thats how i felt.
Now I wear makeup each day and love going shopping.... to fit into size 14/ 16's is a lovely feeling!
I do buy from ebay and charity shops right now as I can't afford much and its cheaper than buying new when i will only wear them a few weeks. But still I shop carefully.
Yes it will cost youy a fortune, but in reallity its probably money that you havent spent on your self in clothes over X years :)

ENjoy yourself and congrats on that very satisfying first loss.... great stuff!! (the only time i wish i was a guy!!) :)

i have to admit i loved shopping when i was slimmer and younger and forgot about it as i got bigger ... i just got black tents from evans, - however so strange but none of my old clothes fit not even a little so i needed a whole new wardrobe so just got a few basic and now i need even more new clothes as they don't fit ... my advise is not to buy too many new clothes just enough to get you by as it's so shocking when you 4 weeks later you need more new clothes ,

i love being about to pick up a 12 petite and now it will fit ... my goal is a 10 ! as i seemed to miss that 1st time round ... CD makes you lose lbs in weight and ££ on clothes but well well worth it ! confidence = pricless ! :p
I definitly love clothes shopping more now that I'm slimmer. Before I only ever used to buy clothes from a few shops that I knew had my size but now I can walk into any shop and knowing that there'll be something that will fit me.


A pound at a time
I see thats the norm when we're bigger to scan for sizes rather than what we like.

It is a good thing. In actuality you'll be saving money because slim clothes are cheaper than fat clothes.

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