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  1. Nade

    Nade Full Member

    Hi All,

    Since I have been on this diet, I have only brought cheap clothes from Primark, where the sizes differ so much, you might as well guess by looking at it, it would be more acurate!

    So, I now have a couple morestone to lose, but I am more interested in what I look like and clothes I fit into, rather than what the scale says.

    So, can anyone recommend me a shop whos sizes are fairly consistant (as in a 14 pair jeans is the same size as an identical pair!) and if the sizes come up big, small or in the middle?

    Are NEXT any good and are they big or small? What about M&S? Would like to say to myselfthatI am now X size, but dont have a clue!!

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  3. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Im finding the same problem, i think m&s is good im not sure about next. Its so mad the way the shops differ so much
  4. jackietrew

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    it really annoys me how much sizes differ! what i tend to do is search the internet for clothing size charts where you just find what measurements you are then see what size you are, and look at a few to get a good idea of what size you are, less time consuming than shopping too! xx
  5. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    In a previous life i used to work in partnership with M&S in fabric & clothing manufacture. Their sizing, garment to garment within a particular size should be consistent to a pretty tight margin (about 3% max variation).

    I'm trying to think of who else on the UK high street is similar but we mainly worked with M&S & US based customers, but if i have a moment of clarity i'll get back to you lol

    hth x
  6. emmaleighjohnson

    emmaleighjohnson Pink and Fluffy Poster

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    Next is huge. I think Dorothy Perkins is along the right lines but I have been told that they cut on the large side too.
  7. Naturally_Stush

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    Yes, although I like DP they do cut on the large side, what about Hennes?
  8. unreal83

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    I would say M&S are about right! BUT!

    Once I bought a sleeveless shirt in there, a white one - and also tried it on in orange.

    The white fitted just right, whilst the orange was so big!

    I asked why, they were both size 10s!

    Apparently, different manufacturers have different colours and have a 2.5 inch margin or something!

  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    Looking fwd to the answer on this one! I have (& wear) clothes in such a variety of sizes that I am never certain exactly what I am! (In fact its so true that I pick up an item & tend to gauge if it will fit, by the look of it!)

    Today its a size14 skirt and a size 22 t-shirt. Yesterday it was all size 14, but onFriday my black linen skirt for work was a 12 and my top was a 16!!! For goodness sake!!
  10. karenO

    karenO Step away from the chips!

    It may work out as that, yes as the margin will be around 3%....however that is 3% either way of the standard so one garment may be 3% over, another 3% under. Sounds a lot, but believe me that is quite a tight tolerance to work to.
  11. sassey50kg

    sassey50kg determined to be thin!

    I think the style of the clothes makes a bigger difference than the actual shop. eg combats in warehouse used to fit me in a size 8, But jeans I was more of a size 10.
    I weighed about 8 stone for years, and my clothes sizes ranged from size 00 (Banana rep wrap dress from NY) to size 12 (skinny jeans from Diesel) I really love topshop and buy most of my clothes there so judge myself by their clothes sizes.
    I do find the more 'aspirational' the clothing brand (eg expensive) the smaller the sizes, so that all us fatties can't shop there and ruin their carefully managed image!
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