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Clothes sizes


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Right, bear with me here - I will get to the point eventually :D

I am 5'8. I started this diet at 21st 2lbs. I was a size 22/24 - mostly 22 with a few 24s thrown in.

I have lost 1st 11lbs so far and I am still the same size. My clothes are looser, yes, but I cannot get into the size 20 jeans I bought as an incentive. I mean no where NEAR get into them.

I think it'll take another stone before I get there at least.

Which means a three stone weight loss before I go down a size! Which is a huge amount!

When I started, my CDC said it's about 1 stone = 1 dress size. But as I have to lose nearly 11 stone, if that was correct I'd be a size 2 when I finished LOL

So, do you think the bigger you are, the more you have to lose to go down a dress size and as you get smaller, it takes less of a loss to go down to the next size?
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My CDC told me that older clothes that I wore when I was bigger had probably stretched with time and wear. I started at 16 stone and size 18/20 I took me at least 2 stone before size 18 were getting slightly lose. I'm 11st 7lb today and I am wearing size 14's it seems I have to lose 2st to drop a size....


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I'm 5'8" and wear a size 18 (on the whole), I've lost 15lb and haven't changed into a size 16, but my 18's are a little loose. I think it depends on the manufacturer, the style of clothes, and as Mrs S says if the clothes have stretched overtime.

And we'll have to call you 'Guru Spice' if you're gonna be a size 2!



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I have lost just over 3 stone and i have only gone down one dress size :(

Its a hard one because i would so love to know exactly how much i have to lose before i can get into a size 18 but there is just no telling. We are all different shape's and sizes and therefore lose it in all different places. I'm kinda round all over so my thinking is that it is coming off evenly so is less noticeable in just one place such as my waist size.

I know for me moving down the dress sizes will be such a great sense of proof that its coming off but i fear i will have to wait along time until i even get into those size 18's. I would love to think that the smaller i get the faster it shows with regards to size but i will have to wait and see before i can answer that one.

Just wish that very soon i can get into a 20 :innocent0001:
I've lost just over a stone (according to my scales this morning) and my clothes are only slightly loose, it really does seem that I'm going to have to lose 2.5 stone to go down a dress size :(


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Thanks for all your replies - I take comfort that you are all in the same boat, even though it sucks for us all!

When I finished LL I was 16st 13 and still in a size 20 so a size 18 is about five stone away I reckon! Argh!
I don't get it either.... I was 14st 4 and could still wear a size 10 (some shops) trouser and 14 top.... last time I was 14st I was in a size 16!

I think it depends on your shape, apple, pear whatever, where you shop, where the clothes were made.. as with everything we are all so different.

First time round start weight was 16st11lb it took three stone before I started to see a clothes transformation and before people started noticing I had lost weight, but as the weight went off I missed size 12 trousers going from a 14 to a 10 almost immediately! There's hope for us all!


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I thought about this too. I also think it takes more weight loss to go down a size when you have more too loose. I have gone down one size since starting. But it is also a big difference between new and old clothes, between different labels, and different bodies I think. I am working on my mini goals right now, and I thought about this, but I have no idea of knowing when I will hit a certain size. I just know what I am now, and what I am when I get down to my goal weight, or there about.
I think it dfo depends on the style of the clothes, the shop, where ya losing it from etc, cos although you dont always lose pounds you may lose inches, are you getting measured? its intersting to see the cm's going down. Ive lost 4 and a half stone and have gone from a 22/24 to a 16, but I think I'll be in a 16 for another good few stone. As long as you're losing thats the main xxx


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I haven't been measured since my first meeting with my CDC. I might ask her to do it next week
I think it depends where you carry your weight as well. I started at 24 stone and size 30 top and bottom. Now im 12stone 12lb (I still can't believe im in the 12's!) and a 14 top and bottom (but bought a size 12 top from next the oher day!) so thats 11 stone and 8 sizes. About a stone and a third a size.
I had a pair of jeans from dorothy perkins in a size 20 and they didn't fit well, they were very tight. Went to next and had to buy a size 18! I thought that dp would have bigger sizes than next! Just try a lot of stuff on in different shops so you know what cut suits you. x x


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This is kind of along the lines of a similar post that I did the other day..
I started out at 13 st 9 and wearing a size 16.. I am 5ft 7..
Yet, when reading other people's stats, some people weigh more than me, yet wear smaller sizes than I do... strange



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i just saw my cdc she is the same weight as me and 5.7 im only just 5.4, she is in a tight 16 im in a 14-16, i should be bigger than her becos im shorter but i am top heavy she is bigger hipped,

i started at a 20-22 and 16 1/2 st,
i got to about 14 1/2 before being a comfy 18,
i was about 14 when i could get into a 16, but still wear an 18,
im now 13st and some 16s are big, a 14 is becoming comfy,
but all these jeans are old, and pre stretched, only 1 pair of 14s are new, and snug lol,
so the first size drop was about 2st then just under a stone a size,
i have 4 more stone to loose and 2-3 sizes to drop to be a very comfortable size 10, i am aiming at 2st gone= 11st, and being in a 12, but then goal of 8.13 a 10, im either gonna be very skinney (too skinney) at 8.13 or never be a 12 by 11st.
sorry to confuse things more,
but i dont think there is a weight to size ratio, i think its inch loss and where it comes from, we are built completely different, have 2 goals, 1 weight, and 1 size , eg i want to be 8st.13 or a size 10, whichever i hit first that will be my end goal, if 9st 3 makes me a 10 i will be ok there xxxx
anyway girls good luck with inch and weight loss and we will all be there in no time xxxx


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have 2 goals, 1 weight, and 1 size , eg i want to be 8st.13 or a size 10, whichever i hit first that will be my end goal, if 9st 3 makes me a 10 i will be ok there xxxx
That's a good idea actually. I want to be a size 12 or 10 stone 7. If I get to a size 12 at 11 stone or even before that I will stop there.

I think any smaller and I will look like a lollipop head.


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you may get to a size and weight and feel thats enough for now and take some time b4 going further, when you have a lot to loose and do to much to fast you can scare yourself and others, my friend has just lost 12st from a size 32 to a 12, i cried, she shocked me, shes 11st 12 and wants to be about 10st, but at first she looked ill, it just took some getting used to,
good luck, xxxx


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The thing is, it'll take longer to drop sizes when you're larger as there are bigger differences between the sizes. In Dorothy Perkins, it's 3 1/4 inches between a 20 and a 22, but only 1 1/4 between a 14 and 16, and the differences average to about 1 1/2 inches in the smaller sizes, 3 in the larger ones. So it'll come, eventually!

I'm 5ft 9, and was 19st 13lbs and a size 24/26 so being an inch shorter and a bit more than a stone heavier, you were still smaller!

It'll all catch up eventually I'm sure. Don't worry about it for now!


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Its definitely true that 'old' clothes have given, and stretched, so you will be more comfortable in an old size 20 than a new one, for example. This is definitely true for me. I have lost two stone and have really only gone down one dress size - I started at a 20 in trousers and can't yet get into new 16s. Old 16s that I stretched on the way up to size 20 fit fine!

On the other point I don't understand why other people who are my weight and height wear smaller clothes than me. Officially I am just under 13 stone and wear a 16/18....seems a lot, for my weight. My dad is convinced we have a familial tendency to 'heavy bones' or perhaps I'm just dense!


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i am 5.4 13st and a 14-16, jean but 16-18 bust a jj cup , i carry my weight around tummy mainly, i have very small ankles and wrists, so petite frame without all the fat, my sister is skinny but tree trunk ankles and wrists (bless her) so she is large framed, what frame are you and where do you carry your weight xxx


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According the measurements my CDC did the day I started - I am an hourglass (although you'd never know it by looking at me). So I have 38JJ boobs and big hips but a smallish waist. I look in proportion at least.

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