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clothes starting to fit


is slowly shrinking
well i don;t know if u ladies are the same, but i have a fat wardrobe and a thin wardrobe,
and i am getting so excited as i am now starting to get in my 14's once again, i started at size 16 trousers and they were getting tight now i have shifted to a comfy 14, so as much as the pounds are coming off slowly, my clothes are getting more comfy which i am well chuft at. Prom night in 2 weeks so hope to get a little more off, maybe i will finally start to feel good about myself again.
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Isn't that the best feeling ever? Well done! You should give away all your clothes that are now too big so they aren't ever tempting you to fit into them again :)

Dee x
Yes it's fantastic to fit into the smaller clothes again. It certainly gives that feeling of slimness. It will be great for you going to the prom too - imagine how confident you're going to feel.


Rebel without a calorie
A few weeks ago I had a clear out and got rid of baggy underwear and tatty t-shirts. Today I was looking for some jeans to wear and took a bag containing *ahem* 14 - yes that's right FOURTEEN - pairs to the charity bin!!

I managed to get 3 bikinis yesterday on my shopping trip and tried them on this morning and they all fit perfectly and look great. Don't think I'll bother taking anything else on holiday, I'll just live in the bikinis lol.
I also bought an Armani t-shirt! I'm wearing it now and it's lovely :)

I'm going to ask OH to take a 'during' picture later. Tried on my old work trousers this morning and it was comical. Maybe I'll keep the Armani on so you can all admire it lol


is slowly shrinking
well done lisa, well i sorted mine out, and must admit, i thought shall i get rid, what if i put weight back on, i then had to shout to myself in the mirror and say no u will not, u will lose even more, and then i can get rid of more, and hence buy more new. lol makes it all worthwhile x


reaching my goal
well done shirley im in a size 14 know . I also got rid of some fat clothes that i always wear when ive put on weight . I cant help it laterly i keep going clothes shoping but before i wouldnt bother because of my weight , i didnt feel worthy . Im very excited i cant wait to get into a size 12 . Mite get a new hair cut when ive lost another stone .


is slowly shrinking
i will be happy when i get another half stone off, cause then i will be the same as i was 3 yrs ago, but i am going to continue, i will never be a size zero, and i will never lose it from the top half as i never do, but it will be nice to see if i do.
so u been clothes shopping too rose, i going to le chic primark tomorrow.


reaching my goal
I go into town twice a week maybe more and im buying stuff even if its just earrings i feel i deserve it sometimes i always put others before me . I am starting to like me maybe not 100% but everyone has body hang ups after kids x We will have to go shopping togther one day x
Look at all of us all fitting into smaller clothes, I am so proud of all us, its been quite a journey and finally, finally, I can see huge signs of confidence and most importantly liking ourselves again. I looked back at some old threads of us going on and on how fat and unhappy we all were, now read our posts, they are hugely impressive.



is slowly shrinking
so true mark, i think it is because none of us thought we would still be here, i certainly thought a month and that would be it.
#But with everyones support and help it is now coming to week six, and where as it all gone, the inches are disapearing and yes we are all blossoming.
I can honestly say i have not intention of stopping yet, i am going to take it as long as i can.
I am feeling more positive now my clothes are fitting again and thrown my tents out. I even got in my jeans today which i have not worn for over a year.
Best of it is i am lossing more from my bottom, but i wish i could lose more from the top, at this rate i will be dolly parton.
But overall we have all pulled together.
Well done team blues and pinks x
Like I said, well done to everyone, I am very impressed that we have all hung in there and been there for each other, it has made the world of difference to me knowing that we all out there for each other and the newbies.
wow, i cant wait to get back into my thin wardrobe! Shame we didnt have a clothes swap bank and everyone seems to be losing weight at a remarkable rate it seems a shame to have to buy new clothes after losing a stone or two and then lose even more weight and buy more but i know whats its like, horrible when you know you have lost it but have nothing to wear as its all baggy, but what a great feeling when you can see how big the old clothes were.

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