clothes that dont fit


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should i get rid of them or put them away in case i need them again dont plan to ever need them:p
have went from size 24 to 16/18 have left myself with 2 pair jeans and 2 skirts 2 pair leggins and i aint going to buy any more till these ones get to big
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Sell them on ebay or give them to a charity shop!
if they're there they're like a security blanket! All my 18's are going asap and I shall scan the 14's! Not long now!


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ive three black sacks full of clothes 24/22/20 and boots all too big for me....some are going to charity shop and rest gunna try to sell on ebay - no way do i ever want to see them again a size 18-(16 in some things) and admittedly am wearing some stuff thats a little too big but unless i sell my too big stuff ive just not the money to buy new...ive got a drawer full of size 16/small 18's im itching tyo get into...but when im down to my target weight and size 12/14 ive got what amounts to half black sack of clothes....god know what il do then lol.....for a while i couldnt let go of some of my big stuff...specially things i was too big to get into and now could fit two of me in lol...LET THEM GO GIRL...hard to move forward anmd accept the slimmer you if you hold onto them lol
d x