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I have been completely ruthless with my wardrobe and have removed SOOOOOOOOOOOO many clothes that no longer for me (mostly 14-16). What on earth will I do with them. Theres too many to list on eBay. And its too cold for a car boot! It would be easier to get rid of them in bulk. More to the point, those of us losing weight would surely benefit them. Wouldnt it be more ideal to sell our clothes on here, especially if people live locally and can come and see what is available? As I've been losing weight, buying new clothes can be costly.
Anyway, just a thought. What do you all do with your clothes?
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I have just done the same today but I am giving them to my aunties as they are on budgets, its a great feeling though. I had put dome stuff away as they were to small and now its to big.


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There is a web site I saw a while ago fow women who are losing weight to buy and sell clothes on, can't for the life of me remeber what it is called, will try and find it again.

How about selling it in bundles on ebay

Charlie xx


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Ebay or charity shop. I sold some clothes over the summer and got about £200 from it.


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i usually give mine to my mum, shes roughly same size but she needs to take everything up as shes about 5 inches shorter lol


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I have a reasonably limited wardrobe of basic priced clothes in my current size (14), by the time I get to a trim 12 the surplus clothes will be ready to get chucked in the bin. There is a decent coat that remarkably is labelled as a size 10 but fits now - will give this to a charity shop.


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In the US we have little shops called consignment stores where you can go and buy used clothing. That's where I shop when I'm between sizes because its about 1/4 the price of new clothing. Last time I got rid of cloths, I took 4 big boxes there and whatever they didn't sell they took to homeless shelters. You really don't make much money on it, but its better than nothing!


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I either sell on ebay. or I put them in a clothing bin or charity shop...
If you have any M&S clothes, if you take them to oxfam charity shops you get a £5 M&S voucher, and if you have any Monsoon clothes you can take them back to a Monsoon shop and get £5 off new clothes over £35.. Ive done that a few times!

Trim T

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i too gave mine to family, they were good quality clothes that i had spent a fair bit on when it's added up..... my favourite shop is river island, so not exactly cheap.

They were really grateful, and it made me feel good. However if i had lost the weight in the summer, i may have done a car boot haha x