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Ulla Popken. They have a few shops in the UK, and a website for mail order.They are not cheap but excellent quality. You can always find them on eBay too - here is a tip: put Ulla Pop* in as your search term, as people come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways of spelling it, and by putting Pop* you will cover those who think it is Popeken, Popkin, Popleen, and even (I kid you not) Popcorn!
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Never seen that site Laura - looks like they have some nice stuff, thanks!
You're welcome, I found a link on minimins somewhere and hadn't heard of it before. The quality isn't wonderful, saying that though I haven't had a problem with anything but you can tell it probably won't last as long as some clothes. For now though while we're only using the clothes for so long until we need smaller it's a great place and far cheaper than Evans.:D


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I am never that impressed with Evans gear it's over priced and the quality is usually pants. Thank goodness there are more places these days opening up for larger sizes that don't make you feel like a granny.
If you're looking for cheap clothes to buy as you slim then Plus Size Womens Clothing | Plus Size Ladies Fashion | 16 is good. The sizes are pretty generous so don't order too big.
LOL!!!! I went on this page...

Plus Size New Items | Latest Plus Size Clothing

and I happened to have the theme music from Riverdance start up on I-tunes. THEN I noticed that when you flick over the pictures, the models change position, and put on or take off a cardigan or some accessories.

Guess what I just spent the last five minutes amusing myself with???



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Yours is a good site if you not got the shops near.

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