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Clover's Journey :) xx


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Long story but I joined SW Jan 2011 at 15.10 and got down to 14.10, my consultant wasn't that supportive and by April, she was only focusing on the new comers, I left as there wasn't any support, im quite shy and didn't really chat to anyone either..
Anyway I planned to stick to it at home, I did for a few months but not very strictly, moved from Scotland to Devon and have dabbled in WW and dukan since.then but only regaining and Losing up to 15 St.3. I have got my old SW stuff out and going to give it another try. I have been on dukan but have been getting quite ill and so think I need something more sensible.

So that's me, I'm nearly 21 and a student nurse, don't wana be a fat.nurse advising people to lose weight! In my first year but really Need to be at goal for myself and my career. My partner works away so its just me in the house, which helps.Cos I shop for me and me only but also means there's no one there to judge if I have seconds or snacks etc !

Support will be needed girls (and boys!) I havent done Sw in abot 2yrs so im following my books from then, if im doing things wrong please say.
Im going to be doing a mix of green red and EE days. Starting with red today. Starting weight is 14.8 and my goal is either just below or just above 10St. Will see how my body is and how I feel when I get there.

:) thanks for reading xxxx
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Day 1
Weight 14.8
Red day

Breakfast : 42g branflakes (1HE B) 280ml milk (1HE A). Tea, splash of milk from remaining HE A allowance.

Lunch : pork tenderloin fillet, stock cube and onions. With salad (lettuce, baby tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, boiled egg and beetroot)

Tea : Chicken, cabbage, leeks and mushrooms

Snack : maybe tinned fruit from HE B
The other HE A I think ill have extra milk as not got any cheese etc in the fridge! Banana

Drinks : water, SF squash and tea

syns : May have an options choc this eve :) (2) Manuka honey for my sore throat (3)
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Green day today

HE A x 2 : sk milk 700
HE B x 2 : 56g weetabix minis

B : weetabix minis, banana and tea
L : pasta, tomatoes, onion And cucumber and green pesto [4] And grated cheese [3]
T : sw chips and 2 eggs, ketchup [2] and salad

Snack : fruit (strawberry and kiwi)
WW quiche....whoops thought this was a low syn snack... Turns out it was [12.5] oh dear.. Always check before u eat it!
Drink: water, squash, tea coffee

Syns for the day : 21.5 :(
So gutted I ate it without checking first.. Won't do that again.. Thought I was being good!

Have a good day to whoever is reading xx
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Day 3 : Green Day

Planned menu for today;
He A x 2 ; sk. Milk
He B x 2 ; 2 weetabix / Alpen light

B: weetabix and milk, tea
L: left overs from yesterday, pesto (4) pasta and veg. SF jelly
T : quorn sausages and veg

Snack : Alpen light, orange
Drinks : water, coffee and tea

I have an exam today so hopefully I will stay on track! Will update accurately in the eve xxx


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Looking good :) What day do you weigh?


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Hi, thought I'd come and read your diary too, lol.

exams, it's make me feel sick thinking about it and it s not even me.lol

good luck.x


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Thanks girls,.yay finally a subscriber haha. Exam wasn't pleasant! Im usually a high Aimer but I'm just praying I passed!

I weigh in on a Monday Morning. Doing it from home. well today went well until... The girls wanted to go celebrate and I end up at the all you can eat Chinese... Regretting it now.
Day 4 : planned green..turned out to be EE

He A x 2 : skimmed milk in cereal and coffee
He B x 2 : Weetabix x2 and Alpen light.

B: weetabix milk and tea.
L: as planned, pasta pesto and veg. SF jelly
S: Alpen bar, satsuma
T:...... Not sure I care to disclose or work out the Syns.. I had prawns, chicken, beef and squid, a.few of them battered (prawns and some squid) Abit of rice, prawn crackers, think that was it.. Eugh.
Only water there though.
Anyway, failed Sw today.but hope I passed the exam !

Onward and downwards tomorrow !



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Draw a line under it :)


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Line drawn. Fresh start.
EE say, On a long shift at work so need something quick and filling !

He A: 350ml sk milk
He B: 2 weetabix

B:weetabix and milk. Cup of tea.
L: chicken, spelt rice, asparagus, mange tout, mushrooms. Grated cheese on top, literally a pinch [4 Syns], a coffee and 2 satsumas
S: Alpen light [3] fruit

D: water, tea, coffee

Will update accurately later xx


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Yay for fresh start! Have a good weekend!


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All day at uni from 9 then work this eve till 8pm and visiting in hospital inbetween so hard to stay sensible!

Day 5, Red day
He A x2 : Milk
He B x2 : weetabix and brown bread

Breakfast: weetabix and milk, tea
Lunch: brown bread, Walkers crisps [6] Yogurt [0.5], 2satsumas
S: Banana, ff Yogurt
T : beef and veg
Drinks: lots of water, tea and coffee


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Green day, day 6

He A x2 - milk
He B x2 - weetabix / Alpen bar

B: same as usual, weetabix and milk
S: Yogurt and satsuma
L : brown pasta, veg and pesto [4]
Kiwi strawberry, 2 snack size milky way [guessing 8Syns?]
S : banana
T : micro fish pie [10].. Bread (he b)

On a 13.5hr shift with 2.5hrs travelling so eating can be difficult. Had breakfast at 5.30, snack.at 11, lunch at 3.15 then banana at 7ish. Left work late so got home about 10.30. Over my Syns :( really struggling with eating times and shift.work !x
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So today im doing EE as at my dads for tea and having lasagne. Will miss my extra He's today

He A- milk
He B- weetabix

B: weetabix and milk
L: beef stir fry (no carbs just veg) soy sauce (is that syn'd?)
S: banana
T : lasagne and veg

Update tonight.

Had a sneaky weigh in and have gained 2lbs...devastated but I've come to sw from dukan and not been.eating carbs for a couple of month so I guess ltd normal. Plus the Chinese and over Syns yesterday. Not good. Especially for the first week...hmmmf.



Where in Devon are you? I'm in Paignton!

You look like you're doing well... I always find the first few weeks hard but keep at it and you tend to get in to your own pattern x


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Hi Clover,
I'm a nurse too and find the shift work does not help. I rarely get a break while at work so by the time I get home I am so hungry I raid the fridge!
But no more.... I have to get this weight off.