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coco powder

The tin says that there are 10.5g carbs in 1 teaspoon of coco powder with 200ml semi skimmed milk. (before sweetening)

My semi skimmed milk is 4.8g per 100ml
so if you take the 200ml semi skimmed milk worth of carb away then u are left with 0.9g carb in the coco and add 1g carb for light soy milk and 1g carb for sweetner.

does that mean the coco i drank last night was legal? just about....
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Looks like it, yeah.

I add cocoa to MIMs and they come out fantastic. I have one-two tsp cocoa per MIM, depending on how I feel (lol) and on the brand, because good quality cocoa has a richer, stronger flavour.

I have never tried the cinnamon MIM but I have used powdered ginger in place of cinnamon. Cocoa and ginger are classed as 'spices' I believe, as is cinnamon, therefore the carbs are low.

Even if they were double that amount of carbs they would be worth it! I have to be careful with chocolate MIMs, could eat one at every meal lol.

Enjoy your cocoa!
I checked my tin again and it said 10.5g carrb of which 9.2 sugars! then again it refers to the milk aswell nd the sugars seem to be in the milk coz the coco is soo bitter by itself!
well i had some tesco coco powder at home... not good i think
mine doesnt look like that its the baking one.
i was wondering about the skinny cow one.. might be worth getting some of them to add flavoure to mims
I use plain cocoa powder for hot drinks or MIMs. I don't count the carbs because I don't use much and I reckon carbs are low, anyway, particularly if you add hot water to the drink with a bit of cream and sweetener instead of regular milk.

Speaking of MIMs I have been buying my flaxmeal at Julian Graves but this week, finally, I bought a nut/spice grinder to grind flaxseed at home. Back to Julian Graves I went for the seed. Wowee! Tonight I ground about 500g of seed into meal, bagged it up and put it in the fridge. It makes the loveliest fluffy MIMs. I should think that, after a month or so, the grinder will have paid for itself.

I checked Asda online for flaxseed. Only £1.00 for a 150g bag of GOLDEN flaxseed. That is amazing! Buying in bulk online would probs be cheaper but Asda will do for me at present.
Girly girl i checked asda and on the chelf they do golden linseed which is showing alot more carbs that flaxseed. Maybe im reading it wrong but please do check the label and compare before u buy.

I bought some skinny cow and added it to a little cheese cake i made last night.. will be having that as my treat when i get home! i need somic after a late shift!
Ah but the high count will be the fibre content. People often think of MIMs/flaxmeal as a carb 'wash' because it basically goes right through you. It is all fibre and oil.

It is when we add spices and flavourings and sweeteners to MIMs, as well as other things like cream cheese (or sausage etc) that the carb count rises.

I just ate a MIM with sugar free caramel-flavoured cream cheese filling. Yummy!

I have ordered twenty bags of that Asda golden linseed!
girli can i have the link from where u have orderd ur flaxseed?
my asda do tiny lil bags only!
Yes mine do too. I had to buy 20 of those tiny bags but they are worth it. Grind them up at home and your MIMs will turn out fab.

Or go to Julian Graves - found on most High Streets. They do 450g bags of ready ground flaxmeal for under £5. They also do 450g bags of flax seed for around £3. Worth every penny.

But the Asda stuff still works out way cheaper and it is golden linseed. I am so proud of my home ground flaxmeal! LOL. It's bagged up now and sitting triumphantly in my fridge.

This stuff is like a wonder food. Wish I'd known about it - and about Atkins - years ago.
errmm the link?

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