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coffee challenge

ok, starting monday im going to try and only have my one cup in the morning - im trying to keep this interesting for myself lol plus id like to see if i have a beter loss with one cup opossed to three+ :rolleyes: ill let you know how it goes! (if anyone cares lol i dont im just trying to keep up the challenge and pressure on myself)
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Eloquent hooligan
Just have it black :)
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Oh Emily, I couldn't cope without my caffine fixes throughout the day! I must admit I only every drink upto half a cup at a time, always seem to get side tracked at work or home and once it's gone luke warm - yuck - so I chuck it out.

So that said, I probably have around 3 full cups of coffee a day with a dash of skimmed milk - lovely! Good luck in reducing to one cup a day x
I used to drink around 8 cups a day! I have now switched to tea, because I'm not keen on it and just have 2 cups a day. I had a really bad head yesterday but feel ok now.
Goodluck x
thanks miamoo and alison, ill probably not manage it but its worth a try!


Eloquent hooligan
I prefer the powder form ;) :D
LOL Howdy - naughty, naughty! You're one cheeky chappy...
how much milk can you have a day and does it have to be skimmed or can it be semi-skimmed - we only have semi skimmed at work and we have a tea lady so I can't use skimmed. So I might have to go without


Eloquent hooligan
Said it before, I'll say it again... once you have black you don't go back :)

Love a nice thick double espresso :_
black coffee is like drinking tar lol i love the smell of really strong black coffee though, it smells really sophisticated or something!

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