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Does anyone find that coffee helps or slows down weight lose?

I probably have about 2 or 3 cups a day - and even thats only really 3 days a week when I'm at work - the other 4 days I maybe only have 1.

I never used to drink the stuff but after a baby that didn't sleep for 9 months I got into it!

I find it helps fill me up a little bit and stops that midmorning craving for sweet goodies but am worried that the caffine slows the weight lose down.

Just wondering if anyone had given it up and found a lose increase.
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Caffine actually slightly speeds up metabolism. The only other thing worth noting is it is also a diuretic, so although will make you wee more short term, long term it may make you retain water a little.

In general, I try to drink 2 times as much water or sugar free cordial as I do tea and coffee to counter any bloating.



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Ok that's interesting - I do try to drink roughly 2 lts of water or NAS squash during the day so I'm probably not doing too bad and I'm hardly OD on the coffee! Thanks!


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Hello, just thought i'd reply to post!!!!!
I drink a minimum of 10 cups of coffee a day, and it hasn't slowed my weight-loss. I was also told by my dear doctor that drinking coffee would not make you wee more, or retain water. You would have to drink at least a bath-full every day for that to happen!
Coffee, tea, squash and fizzy all count toward your 8 glasses a day, too!


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Wow - if I drank 10 cups a day I'd be flying! Good to know that your doctor has said it doesn't make you retain water and even better that it counts towards the 8 glasses a day - I'd always thought that was just pure water or maybe weak squash. I think based on this I'm not doing too bad!


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As coffee, tea etc is water based, it all counts!


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I drink gallons of the stuff, so it wouldn't really affect me anyway, in the same way that proplus and redbull don't sffect me, but make my friend bouce off the wall (she doesn't drink any hot drinks)

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