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Coke Zero...affect the weight loss?


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I limit myself to a can (330ml) or a bottle (500ml) during the day but this is personal choice - not sure about the limitations and how much it would hinder if you drank loads sorry! x
I'd be interested to know the answer to this also as I get through about 3 or 4 small glasses a day now!! It doesn't seem to have affected my loss (and it certainly has'nt affected yours! 12lb and 5lb go you!) but the way I see it is I would rather have all that coke and remain 100% TS than have no coke and end up 'picking' at naughty foods lol! Also ad far as I'm aware it doesn't knock you out of ketosis x
I've been wondering this too as my weight loss seems to have really slowed down and I drink a LOT of coke zero. I'll be interested to hear what others think.
Glad i'm not alone!

I too feel that Coke Zero stops me from caving in when temptation is all around (attended a party last night and there was soooo much lovely stuff to tempt me but I resisted thanks to the tall cold glasses of Coke Zero).

Would be great to hear from someone who knows the answer... But thinking i'm gonna try my hardest to cut down, just in case.
Hope it doesn't cos i have at least a can every day ocassionally 2!

I have 2 pint glasses of dr pepper zero every day, although that is with LOADS of ice. I've remained in ketosis and my weight loss has been really good. Who knows!


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Surprisingly, I find Coke Zero turning on my hunger, for some reason. So I do not drink it very often. Just have it as a treat on Sunday only. And it's never more than one can.
Am I strange? :confused:
Starlight said:
It doesn't slow down your weight loss
There are several people drink in excess of a litre a day and it makes no difference
Woohoo this is music to my ears lol! x
I'm not on Exante, but I am on Lighter Life and I drink *loads* of Coke Zero without it affecting my losses.
I have a couple of glasses a day and find it helps with the hunger cravings! I'm only on week 3 TS but I've lost a stone so far :) Just make sure you drink plenty of water as well. have a great and stay strong :) x


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I believe it's the citric acid in it that can affect ketosis in some people.

I don't seem to have a problem with it, I drink loads of diet irn bru :)

As far as I know Dr pepper is the only diet drink without it in
If anyone is a member of Costco, from the 13/06 - 03/07 they will have 24x330ml cans of Coke Zero for £6.42 including the VAT, so just under 27p per can!! :eek:

4 trays for me I think. :D

They currently have the 2 litre bottles (or was it 1.5) on offer, which works out far better on price for volume, but I find that after opening a bottle it goes flat pretty quickly and I really don't like fizzy pop without the fizz. Also, cans are ideal so that I'm not tempted to get carried away and have more than I should.


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I always had a 500ml bottle of Coke Zero during lunch at work pre TS, it's nice to know that I can still do this :D
I went to pick up some Coke Zero earlier - to try it out before stocking up. The Costco offer is only a tiny bit better than the Co-op at the moment, who have 6x330ml cans for £3.35 and it's BOGOF, so just an extra 28p for 24 cans. Maybe it's even cheaper elsewhere.


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Asda have 8 x 330ml cans of Coke Zero for £3.25 and an offer of 2 packs of 8 for £6 at the moment.

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