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Coke Zero offer


Loves Minimins long time
hiya Jubbly
How much of Zero are we allowed a day? keep hearing the word Treat asssociated with it?
Good luck with ya weight too..you started the day after me lol xxx


Loves Minimins long time
Hi Valentine - not entirely sure how much you can drink. I drunk this all the time the first time I lost on Cambridge and it didn't seem to affect my weight loss but then everyone is different. I was not aware that it is only supposed to be a "treat".

Can anyone else answer this question??

I think it was around £3.50 for the lot, maybe just under. x


Loves Minimins long time
There seems to be a few of us on here. Must be adding saturated fat to the water or something....! x
I usually get the asda cola zero as it's also got no aspartame as well as no sugar :) it's £1.15 for 6 cans or 47p for 2litres xxx I prefer cans so I limit to just 1 can a day but hubby went to tesco last week and bought buy 2 get 2 free on coke zero so I just opened a bottle and had a pint glass yum x hope It doesn't matter? I also like asda diet caffeine free cola xxx
I'm now doing exante but have come from lt where any pop of any kind is banned. I bought a litre of zero when I started it but have only had 2 really tiny glasses as I only see it as a treat too.
hey Katie!
also coming from lipotrim i was really excited to be 'allowed' certain things but it hasnt really help ME personally as i mess up alot more recently. im going to stop having things other than the packs and water or peppermint tea as of monday and see if that makes any difference? :) hope everyone else is happy with what ever they are or are not having along with their packs xxx
Hey Muffy
i just see your new sig..
over 2 stone gone in the first month!!! that is pure amazing !!!
And lots more since....
well done you xx
thanks :)

that saw me 4 stone off in the 1st 3 months.
i was lucky enough to lose 15lb the 1st week but either way a stone a month is great!! vlcd do work! we just need to do the hard work after we have finished so that we dont have to do a vlcd again! xx
Dr pepper zero is half price at sainsburies for a 6 pack as well :) so about £1.53 for 6 cans xxx

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Oh and at tesco all cokes were 2 packs of 8 cans (so 16 cans) for £4 including coke zero xxx

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Co op are doing coke zero 2 litre bottles buy 2 get 2 free xxx

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