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Coke Zero on Offer


Grumpy Old Git
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Thanks Mike, unfortunately I cannot have anything with caffeine in it, I wonder if that deal is for all Coke or just Coke Zero, I drink a lot of Diet Coke, Caffeine Free and that would be a bloody good deal.
I so wish i could get away with drinking this lol. But....fizzy juice makes me all bloated and yuck if i have an empty belly lol. Good deal tho! xx


Grumpy Old Git
It was for Diet Coke as well but it is 3 for £4.00 but still a saving of 98p.

My local Tesco had a pricing error which has now been corrected, so I paid £3.00 yesterday. Pity I didn't go back yesterday and stock up...!!
Hi size10, I drink the diet coke that is caffeine free, I have been on this diet for 20 days now and lost 30lbs so I do not see it making any difference, there are no calories, no fat, no sugar, just a fizzy drink


reaching my goal
hi can you have diet coke , i was told only water , soda water and black tea/coffee ?
Hi Rose, zero calories, zero fat, zero sugar, just flavoured fizzy water, I serious do not see why not. It has however got a little citrus acid but it has made no difrence to me or how much I have lost and I drink about 3 cans a day.


Grumpy Old Git
Can you have diet versions of cola on Exante then??? I thought it was a 'no no' as it is on LL and CD???
I think it is only Coke Zero as it is near zero calories and no fat, sugars or carbs. :cool:
Its not listed as allowable by Exante as it has Citric acid in it

But I would think you would have to drink Gallons to bring you out of Ketosis

Crikey, if that's the case, then it will make evenings a whole lot more enjoyable.

Have just checked the Pepsi max I have in the fridge. It's 1kc per 330ml can. 0.3g protein and everything else (carbs/sugarsetc) is Nil. The ingredients do say Citric acid, but it's the last ingredient on the list and I think food labelling means you have the highest ingredient first etc etc.

I guess if I emailed exante, they'd say 'not recommended' - but if people are having success while having it - then it's got to be worth a go to stop me falling off the wagon!


Are We There Yet?
Mark...I would class that as cheating for the blues....everything the pinks do seems to be!!lol

If it does not say it is allowed, then it is cheating seems to be what your pink vs blue rules seem to state lol

I drink water and black leaf tea (or decaf black coffee) and nothing else :) I was a fizzy pop addict before Exante. Diet Pepsi...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol


Are We There Yet?
Oh!!! I see how these rules work lol


reaching my goal
thanks mark , i will try some in a couple of weeks give myself a head start on doing it total 1st , not sure if it will bring me out of ketosis ill test and seex

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