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Coke Zero

I did cambridge a few years ago (lost 6.5stones over 4 months) and enjoyed the occasional can of coke zero. I understand that its now reccomended not to drink any of the 'zero' drinks.

One thing that is a bit unclear to me is why. Does it impact your weight loss directly or does it just potentially make you hungrier?

I'm lucky enough that its pretty easy for me to fall into ketosis and tough to knock me out. I previously didnt see any negative impact on both my hunger or wieght loss.

*So*, if its purely that it might make you feel more hungry then I feel safe enough in having an occasional treat and monitoring my hunger levels.

On the other hand if it directly impacts your weight loss then I'll just have to lose my treat this time.
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I drink it on sole source. I notice that sometimes it can make my heart flutter (although coffee never does!).

I believe it's because zero and pepsi max have higher caffeine in them and the diet advises caffeine free everything.


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Pepsi Max has citric acid in which is known to interfere with ketosis. I won't blind you with science, other than to say it's to do with the Kreb's Cycle and gluconeogenesis. :D :D

Coke Zero (and Dr Pepper Zero) have phosphoric acid in, not citric acid, so that's why they're (unofficially) okay to drink, in moderation, on a VLCD.

Some people find that the artificial sweetener in these drinks gives them the munchies, but so long as you know that can happen and you're feeling strong, give it an occasional whirl. :)

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