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Come on OWN up!!

Come on OWN up!! who else on here has a few pints ooops sorry women drink glasses lol of beer, wine or any other alcholic drink and doesnt include it in the weekly count up? and dont sit there thinking should i or shouldnt i, i know you do :p or am i just a naughty boy?

ill hold my hand up and say forgive me father for i have syned? i consume around 7 pints a week without counting them :break_diet:
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ive had a couple of bottles of beer this week, yes, but it is the time to be merry! and what with the xmas doo on friday....
No No, I'm a good boy me, always count my glasses of wine, but then I'm allowed it on maint. :)
I don't drink :angeldevil: heeheehee!

But I don't count syns for sauces (like tomato ketchup) and I don't syn cooked fruits either. Not quite as naughty but still...


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i don't count my alcohol at all but i make sure i don't use all of my syns during the week so i'm doing my bit for the damage control XXXX
i try to but lose count !!! lol:D:D
ha harrrr, i knew it were all in the syn bin lol,
70 syns a week equates to 9 pints of bitter (pure nectar ummmmmmm) so i cant even use that as an excuse :8855:
Got a party thursday night, buffet and all? ummm i see a thread comeing on. got to be a goodboy.


Finding inspiration
I don't drink much anyway, but have had perhaps three or four glasses of wine at a meal (cooked for me by my b/f), which I didn't count, but knew I had done OK on syns that day so wasn't too worried. It's not such a regular occurrence that it really affects anything with me. I'm generally quite happy to go without. I'd rather spend the syns on an extra snack TBH. :angeldevil:


soon to be skinny minnie
I have a drink on a saturday night normally and i don't count it. Oops think that is why i'm not doing so good, when i drink i just munch all night long eek


taking one day at a time
I went out last night and had 2 beers not counted :break_diet:and ill be at xmas party tomorrow:break_diet:eek:h dear not looking good and then we have xmas eve and xmas day :eek::eek:
tiz the season 2 b merry!! thats what i say!!! x
I dont drink either!
My downfall is crisps!! I can see the attaction of forgetting to syn it all though (its liquid right?!)
absoltuleuy!!! haha

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