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  1. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    Hiiii everyone, I'm Pudge. For those of you who have been on minimins for a while, you may remember me from, Exante and Lipotrim.
    I did quite well on those diets but I never fully committed, something was missing... motivation and someone to properly report too.

    I have a lovely consultant and im excited to be on this journey with her support. It's so easy to give up on yourself when there is noone around to let down but yourself, there is always tomorrow.

    Not this way.

    I'm starting at 16stone 4lbs,,, by my consultants scales, i think its 16.7 on mine and going all the way to 9.7 which give me a BMI of 23 which I was told was good.

    It's going to be a long process, but at this stage, I really have no choice. I have done everything, and failed and I'm finished with being that person. I have a life to live and I have plans,, and those plans dont include an overweight person, and those plans wont go ahead unless I am healthy.. So lots of pressure.

    I'm currently doing a masters and working, so I'm very busy which will be good for this life change. I have a festival the first week of September and I hand in my thesis on the 30th of August, so I'm hoping beyond hope that I can get to goal by then or a bit before.

    Perfect excuse to do this now because I'm going to be a bit of a recluse with all my school work anyway.

    Im just a little worried about the socialising part of it. I'm not a crazy night out person right now but I do love a couple of glasses of wine when i'm out for dinner or visiting friends, but sure, don't we all.

    Change is here and i'm just going to deal with it.

    I'm going to wait a couple of weeks for some results to show before I tell anyone exactly what I'm doing, but I have told people that I'm not drinking, so hopefully no pressure.

    So yeah, this is my diary, where I will be ranting and raving about the diet and how I feel, and hopefully it may inspire some people to start a life change of their own!

    Hello Everyone :)

    Pudge x
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  3. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    Day 1..

    So far so good. I just had the apple and cinnamon porridge which I have to say was a lot nicer than I expected. Ploughing through all this water too.
    Thankfully today and tomorrow I will be at home doing all my uni work so any side effects etc should be easily dealt with.

    Just going through all the posts to learn a bit more about what I'm doing!

    WHat are peoples favourite shakes/soups/bars/etc?

    And from next week I can be on 3 or 4 products, which do you recommend i choose?

    Pudge x
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  4. Last_Timer

    Last_Timer Full Member

    hey pudge,
    Good for you. Look forward to following your journey. Feel free to follow mine at Amy's Diary.

    It is def something you can do and will be totally worth it. Plus it will only be 6 months of your life. You can be in the 9s by Sept!
    I plan to certainly.

    Good Luck.
  5. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    Hi Last Timer :) thanks for that.. I will go and follow your diary now!,, How are you finding it so far?

    Yes, just need to keep focused! whats it like in Essex today? the sun is shiinnniinggggg in London today, which has made me even more determined to do this now. Im not going through another summer "big"! we will be slim and healthy :)

    So day 2 today, all going well. Just had a maple and pecan porridge, nice, but not as nice as the apple one.

    Need to focus on my water today.

    Trying to also have a life re-evaluation day. Going through my general options, goals and plans for the next year or so!..busy busy!

    Hope everyone is doing well today :) x
  6. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!


    So so far ive had the maple porridge which was ok, the butterscotch shake which wasnt as nice as i thought and the choc orange shake which i liked. Annoyed I got so many butterscotch ones now! i think i thought it would taste like angel delight or something ha! Now 2 litres of water left,(2down) and a potato and leek soup!

    SOOO much waterrrrrr ...gaahhhhhhhhhh...

    i space it out at about 1litre every 2 hours or so because I know that if you have a litre or more in an hour or less, your kidneys can't filter everything and you can essentially none of that. i still feel like if i move my tummy i can hear the water swish ha!

    Anyway, ive been good with pushing the cravings away so far, hopefully the willpower stays. Its coming up to my bad time..(6-11pm)... think ill paint my nails, have a shower and an early night.

    until then,, ill be poking around here! :)

    hope everyone is doing ok! :) ... x
  7. Last_Timer

    Last_Timer Full Member

    Hey pudge,
    Very sunny this morning. I'm right by the sea tho so the mist came in quickly.
    I am finding it ok. Just so set in my mind its the last time I ever start a diet.
    Yep no more fat summers, I don't want to be bikini buff but to not feel self conscious in shorts and have them cut into my thighs would be nice!
    Sitting typing this as my family tuck into a roast dinner! Only 11 weeks to go tho :) maybe even 7 if my weight gets to 11.7 in 2 months. I will have to move up a step! :) xx
  8. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    If you are struggling with water, why are you drinking 4litres a day when you only need to be drinking 2.25litres? Don't make it harder than it needs to be, this diet is hard enough as it is!
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  9. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    Hey Starlit - my consultant said i need 4 litres a day!.. i originally thought this was wrong as on lipotrim i had about 3lt a day and that was enough, but the form she gave me said it also??... think ill go off and have a nosey in the forum.. thanks :)

    hey Amy,, i think its possible for you to get down 2 stone in 2 months for sure :) keep pushing for it! ,,, im with you on that..i never want to have to go on a weight plan or diet ever again after this.. let it be over and done with for good!.. glad youre keeping away from that roast!.. youll be in comfy shorts in no time at all....summers nearly here :) x
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  10. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Never mind about noseying the forum, take it from the CWP book! 4 pints of fluid a day is sufficient (which equates to around 2.4 litres). You need an extra glass of water if you have a tetra or a bar.

    By all means aim for 4 litres but if you only manage 2.5 litres that's fine. And those litres don't have to be plain water either. Black coffee and any kind of tea also count towards fluid intake, as does any additional water you add to your shakes. :)
  11. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    thanks lovely lily! I went through the forum and people were talking about liters and pints and all a bit confusing! I think ill do that, have some tea, as its got quite cold this evening. Promise i wont freak out if i don't get to 4 liters :)
    off to try the potato and leek soup now..nom nom! are you doing today? x
  12. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    yup, as above! Some days I have about 4, but most days its more like 2.5-3 - if you had 4 all the time you would spend your life in the ladies lol
  13. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    Thanks CrazyDiamond! youre quite right, even today i should have just sat in the loo all day ha!

    Random question, are you a PinkFloyd fan? I just thought by the name CrazyDiamond that you might be? If so, you have just met another crazed PF fan ha!

    So comes the end of day 2. Feeling good and the soup wasnt that bad. Back to uni work tomorrow so ill be keeping myself busy. Hopefully ketosis is just around the corner now!
  14. Last_Timer

    Last_Timer Full Member

    I love the water flavourings and it really helps me to put water away no problem.
  15. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    Ah yes, used to be into them quite a lot, though was introduced to them by an ex and the music featured quite heavily throughout our relationship so don't listen to it so much these days. at one point I was considering getting the lyrics "shine on you crazy diamond" tattooed! I like the sentiment!
  16. scooterchick

    scooterchick She's me in a few months

    Hey hunni - You'll be in ketosis already. The magic symptoms and pink stick etc are a sign of sustained ketosis, it's a common myth that it takes aboout 3 days to 'get into ketosis''s takes hours of fasting to start producing ketones however you have to keep producing those ketones to get the good parts of ketosis ie the burst of energy, the slight euphoric feeling and of course the lovely bad breath.

    If you haven't had a headache yet, tomorrow could be your lucky day. Go into battle armed with water and paracetemol and you should be fine.

    You and I are the same height and weight, I wonder if we look similar? I'm apple shaped, all the fat is on my belly, boobs and back, I have no bum and lovely slim legs, however I'd trade the legs for a small waist any day of the week! I've also had 2 babies so my tummy is in a terrible state!

    Anyway, you up for a wee challenge? I'll race you to 15st, you in? xxxx
  17. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    Thanks Amy, I cant wait to get some flavouring in a few weeks :)

    Isnt it a pain when that happens. Sometimes its great because music can remind you of good times and then other music you completely stop listening too because of the emotions and memories that go with it!... I love that idea of the tattoo! i played around with the thought of some lyrics from "breathe" or "wish youwere here" but all of the lyrics i wanted were too long and i didnt want a big tattoo!..i still think of it though :) x
  18. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!

    I think tomorrow may be my headache day! we shall see!..thats interesting though, i didnt know that it was only a certain amount of hours, i suppose it makes sense because it cant just be, 12am day three that suddenly youre in ketosis ha. though having that much control could be seen as a good thing :)

    i seem to be proportionate i think. Big boobs, a growing tummy (up until yesterday of course) and quite large thighs, but with what some would call a slight waist.

    However,,heres to shrinking A LOT!... yesssssssssssssssss lets get our game faces on little miss! Im up for a challenge :) .. Going by the stats in your signature we have the same weigh in day too! was meant to be :)

    heres to tomorrow :)
  19. pudge

    pudge addicted to minimins!!


    So i woke up with the shakes this morning.. i wish i could say its down to the diet but its actually been happening everytime i wake not having binged the day before.... i guess its the cold turkey withdrawals..erkkkk.. Sat on the end of the bed for five mins and then got up. Feeling a lot better in myself today which is good.

    However i seem to have lost all motivation to do anything, so im going to go to the bank later and then come back and do some uni work.
  20. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Morning pudge, I had the shakes yesterday. Drink lots of water and keep occupied and before you know it they will be gone! Well done on you journey so far just keep at it as it will all be worth it:)
  21. Last_Timer

    Last_Timer Full Member

    Ahhh the shakes! Worst day was day 3 but I still feel a bit weak and shaky in morning and ESP if I have a hot shower (which I love)
    Have to lie down for a bit ha ha
    But it's a reminder of how good and focused I have been.

    Week 1 -9 1/4 lb :)

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