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Comeback kid???? (warning - may be slightly long and boring)

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to return to Lipotrim today and have finally had the courage to post on this ever helpful board again! My story began last Xmas with me being quite successful on Lipotrim in the short time that i was on it. The support i got on here was great where people close to me failed to understand, and of course I had to get over the guilt of deception..... ah i had dinner already..... mmm lunch was lovely...etc. etc...

I remember feeling fantastic last Christmas, fighting the tempations and learning from them when I slipped up! In short, i felt and looked 'hot'! (all subjective I understand but 'hot' for me ;) )

Fast forward one year and I feel different! Heavier, slower, lethargic and often ugly! I want to feel great about myself, we all deserve that surely!

Today i have just devoured a huge fry, now i feel so full and disgusted!My plan is to restart today. I have enough Lipotrim Sachets left over from last year to get me through this week and will join officially at the pharmacy next week, (this recession has taught me to be resourceful :rolleyes: )

I suppose I am posting all of this to get your experienced opinions! Do you think starting all of this again is a good idea if i have failed before? Maybe the 2nd time you did better? Thanks for reading this slightly incoherent / rant-like post and I would really appreciate any advice,

feeling a little lost at the moment.
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Hi hun welcome back, how much did you lose originally and how much have you pt back on if you don't mind me asking. I think you starting again is a good thing but you need to realise why you failed last time and work on it whilst on LT as im sure you dont want to be on and off LT forever xx
Good luck with your journey and keep us posted on your progress xx
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it is always a personal decision. I'm on my goodness knows what attempt now. And its not something I take likely. I feel exactly like you, and psychologically it is harder with each attempt because you have the added guilt of 'I was doing so well' or 'I had done so well and I blew it' feelings. But it IS definitely doable and it is definitely worth it. I have a couple of weeks worth too so I'm not getting weighed officially for a while either.

All you can do is what we're all doing -give it your all and try to keep your main goal in focus.

Good luck woman -well done on deciding to do something to make yourself better -because you are spot on! We all do deserve to feel good about ourselves.
Thanks for the messages guys. Congrats on the wightloss Denajane! I lost over 1 stone last year and got to about 11.11. Now I am about 13.7! I dont own a scales at the moment due to severe denial so am guestimating this. Your right though, i have to look at the reasons for my failure. I have put most of this weight back on in the recent months due to alot of factors, stress, work, and final year in part time college.

Thanks Blackrose, you're doing so well! An inspiration! Yes, i really hope i can do it. I have my sachets ready for tomorrow and am going to weigh myself at a chemist in the morning!

Thanks for the support ladies. I hope that i will find my steely determination once more and have a proper go at it this time!

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Hi Freda,

welcome back, don't be so hard on yourself, this is my 2nd time around after doing really well before summer, since i stopped i've piled on over a stone.......so storys not too dissimilar, i think the hardest step is getting your head ready to start again. Week 2 for me, looking forward to it....

you've done fab for coming back...well done and good luck with your weigh in and first day.....come on here as often as you can to get the support you need, thats what we are all here for
Hi Freda, hope all is well with you and LT is going good. You asked for input from returners and this is my third time on LT. All I can say is that my previous attempts taught me a lot, the most important thing for me being to follow the plan 100% because I found any eating just messed with my head!

The main thing with LT from my point of view isn't how many attempts you are on but if your head is in the right place and you are in a position with family/work etc to really prioritise yourself and the programme.

I wish you well, keep coming on here cos thats been a massive factor in my success this time x


want to be me again ...
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I have thought of using lipotrim but was not allowed by my doctor due to diabetes ..anyway although it seems like a fast fix and have done it years ago only to gain it all again ..i decided to use slimming world ..its sensible and its working for me ..ok loss isnt so fast but learning to eat sensible and healthy for life ..suely thats the best option ?
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losing it slowly and surely isn't the answer for everyone. I have tried every other diet around and not stuck to them, it is only the quick losses that have kept me at it. My losses have slowed down now, but I am not disheartened as I am still losing at least 2 lb a week, now I have tried every other sensible eating diet and I would lose 1lb then maybe 2 and then put on half, it has like getting blood out of a stone.

I just hope I can keep it together after I stop this diet, I do not want to be coming back again saying I need to lose 5 stone again. I cant say it wont happen, but I am hoping that getting on the scales every week and going on minimins will be as helpful during maintainence as minimins has supported me whilst losing the weight.
I really appreciate the advice guys! Well done goldengirl on week one, hope week 2 is going well. Tara, what an amazing loss!! You have done so well! You're right, It definitely is a state of mind and I do feel like i am in the 'zone' and am positive I can do this if i stick at it.

Im on day 2 have to say its been ok, i just weighed myself today in the chemist and im 13.98. Shocking to see but im well and truely out of denial mode ;)

And i do see your point Gillybean,I think WW or slimming world are great and I have used WW before and been successful with this. I think every diet however requires perseverance and as others have mentioned, the right mindframe, whether it be Lipotrim, WW or slimming world.

I echo your sentiment angie in that different people tackle weight loss in different ways. Only you know yourself what can and does work best. Congrats on your weight loss to date, and im sure all those positive thoughts will help you in maintaining that weight loss.

Thanks for the support guys, I am so thankful for the wealth of advice and support on here.

Note: thanks for reading, i really need to learn how to limit my post length.

trying to rant a little less ;)


want to be me again ...
S: 13st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey thats what we are here for ..support or just a friendly shoulder..whatever you decide i wish you luck and lots of hugs ..gilly xxxx


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congrats freda for giving it another go,its not easy to take that plunge,once you get past week one you wont know yourself,you l feel great with loads of energy,and when they tell you your first loss you l be thrilled.good luck.

although lt is not for everyone,it most definately is for me.and i wouldnt think of it as a quick fix,this is the easy part,the hard part is coming off and maintaining our losses.which will take a lot of self control,but if we can do lt we can do anything.give me my weekly losses over weight watchers and slimming world any day good luck all keep on shakin:D

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