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Coming out of Ketosis...

In November i'll be coming off the diet.... just for an eveing!! As i will be drinking on the thursday night!!! Not loads but a couple!!

How long does it take to come out of ketosis do you think??

If i have lunch on the thursday (Including some carbs) and do the same evening meal do you think thats enough time??? Or shoud i start at breakfast!! Don't want to be poorly the Friday!!! As i'll be getting straight back on it!!!

Thanks in Advance!! x
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Hi Dee,
I have no idea tbh lol.... answered cos no one else has yet :p Sorry to be so un~helpful chick... hope someone answers you soon :D How are you doing anyway?
L xx
Me not so brilliant, cold and hungry again! Posted on another one of your thread chick and explained how I`m feeling on there... one about feeling hungry and everyone feeling same must be something in air.. soz forgot post name lol.... anyways I`ll be ok tomorrow i`m sure ty Dee xx
Last time i was on the diet i had to take a day here and a day there off the diet, had bfast lunch dinner and a few drinks (not alcohol) and all seemed ok, went straight back on the next day, reasons for comming off the diet were due to hospital reasons every 10 weeks and thankfully i had gone on a lost weight. I have to do it again 8th Nov due to glocuse drinks for scans, hopefully il lose this time too... Hope this helps Dee
Hey Dee, when I had the ball I waas advised that to have something carby at lunch and again at dinner would be fine- I think as long as your intake is over 50g you will knock yourself out of ketosis. I was fine the next day and back on the wagon for a few days until I took my head staggers but it worked well for me and I had a fair bit...

But I'm no expert...
Aww thanks hun... think i'll have my normal vanilla shake and coffee then for brekkie.... and have lunch and dinner....

Thanks everyone!! x

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