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Coming over from VLCD (Exante) a few more questions..sorry.

I posted before about thinking of coming over to Atkins after doing Exante. Well I'm going to make the move from next Friday.

If I follow the Atkins diet, do you think I may put on weight to start with? Obviously I will be eating a lot more, and higher calories, such as cream, cheese etc.

I just want to know what to expect.

Thank you xxx
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Thank you. I have woken up today and really feel like starting Atkins this weekend. I just dont want to put on lots of weight before xmas. If I will put on a bit of weight to start with thats fine, but I would prefer to wait until I had lost a little bit more if that is the case. So any advice would be great. Thank you in advance. xxx
It really does vary from person to person, you can never tell till you try it. Just don't go mad on cream and cheese, keep it clean and green and you should be fine.
Thank you so much. Well I'm going to give it a go. Ive got Chicken wrapped in bacon, with roasted courgette, asparagus and mushrooms for tea? Ive ordered the book, so that should help. I'm already in Ketosis so do you think I would still need to do the induction? I've just got to get my head around being able to eat things again, silly I know, but I feel so guilty. Any advice is welcome. xxx


Clean green leafy machine
Your tea sounds lovely - just watch the amount of veg. Because I'm staying on Induction for a while, I work on Jim's basic rules of 3 handfuls a day, 2 of green leafy stuff (usually spinach or lettuce) and 1 of something else (mushrooms, tomatoes or courgettes).


Hiya D, I came here from lipotrim and never looked back! Lost my last few pounds to goal and have continued to lose (slowly) while eating loads of lovely food.

I say go for it, you MUST get the book and read the stickies up top for the basic rules, but after that, it'll be plain sailing!
3 Handfulls? that's 3 mugs of chopped green veggies a day. :D

Hi LittlemissD and welcome love.


Clean green leafy machine
Oye lol the only massive things about me are my:banana dancer: hehe
Ha ha thank you all.

Just 2 more questions for now (Sorry :))

Whilst on Exante I was not allowed about diet drinks that contained Citric acid. Is that the case on this diet, as they said it could kick you out of Ketosis? Also if I can have diet drinks, is diet redbull OK once in a while? I don't drink tea or coffee, so would be the only caffeine I drank.

Next Q... How many eggs can I have a day? Ive just realised I love them, but I'm worried I may eat too many if I have them from b'fst and tea.

Thank you xxx
You can have citric acid - it may stall you - it may not. have a go and see :)
redbull should be ok. i still drink caffiene.

eggs - as many as you like :) sometimes i can have 6-7 per day! but not every day!


Clean green leafy machine
LOL can't deny nature's bounty hehe

LittleMiss - I have at least 2 eggs a day, love 'em.

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