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Complete list of packs


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Um im not sure if you had the Chilli con carni pack or the Thai chilli back in 2009? but lately we had a few new packs introduced and thats the curry pack, minestrone and the toffee bar but theres also a asparagus soup coming out soon too :).

Oh and theyve removed the tomato soup pack :(.
There's a minestrone soup too and I think they've got rid of the lemon bar? x


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Thanks folks, sounds like there are six new packs for me to try!

I remember being really excited about the tomato and so disappointed when I had it. Are the curry/Thai/chilli soups or like meals?
The Thai and Curry are soups and then the Chilli con carne is a "meal" as in stodgy. I love the chilli con carn but am not a fan of the other two which I thought would be my favourite.


Ready for the new me!
Minestrone soup has pieces in it too, like little pieces of noodles :). Im not a fan of chilli anymore if im honest because i find it plain but i do love shepherds pie as its got a mince texture and peas in it :). The curry is like chip shop curry in a bowl (i drank it like a cuppa soup mind) its a bit weird to be honest as i could only eat so much :p x

Did they get rid of lemon bars? theyre were ok for a change :(.
I think the nut fudge bar is new since 2009, its my favourite LL bar. xx
Lemon bars are still available xx


Ready for the new me!
Oh yay was worring then lol :p x
Haha :p our plc keeps a spare box just incase x


Ready for the new me!
Hehe i havent had them since toffee but i used to love them so sparked me to get some now lol x

sukie sue

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the cranberry and raspberry bar is new too since 2009 x


Ready for the new me!
Just thought id update that lemon bars have gone :( I went in and asked and they were discontinued a while ago.

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