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completely blew it

hey everyone, sorry for a negative post :(

Felt a bit dishearted after my 5lb weight loss in week one, and went n ate a giant roast dinner! and havnt stopped since then. God im annoyed with myself. i love this diet as it can have such fab results (if u stick to it) so why on earth did i only manage a week!

My CDC is away on holiday from today, i rang her and confessed my sins, she was very kind and we have decided and i will have a full re start from next wednesday when she is back.

now im worried i wont be able to do it, im desperate to loose this weight so why do i eat crap??? my weight makes me miserable and not want to go out yet i can't stick to a diet for longer than a week! Im desperate to start again as even in one week i was starting to feel so much better, think cambridge is fab just gotta sort my head out it would seem, its like a part of me doesnt want myself to do well, for my own good got to stick to it this time,

Thanks for listening to my moan guys, and hope your having a successful cambridge day as it really does change lifes

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is going to loose!
Jacq, you are only human like the rest of us. You will reach your goal, you know what to do but you are letting past faults stop you. Admit them to yourself and forgive yourself. Perhaps even write yourself an apology?

Why wait until next Wed do you have any packs?? Perhaps start on a higher plan with 2 packs, 1200? Important thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself as this will make you vulnerable. Hun you can do this we all can, sometimes it takes a different way to get there.

I will admit I am no saint and am guilty of nibbling!! But I dont let it eat away at me I just get back to it with the next meal! Come on hun pick yourself up, guzzle the water, perhaps a walk and you are on your way!



Going for Goal!
Hi sweetie,

Firstly BIG ((hugs)) CD is certainly one of the hardest things I have ever done, it really tests your will power in the first 2 weeks. I promise you, after the first initial few weeks you start to feel fabulous! Not only do you see the weight coming off every week, you have more energy, positive feelings - it's ketosis!

II understand on week 1 you will be disheartened at 5lbs, but some people retain water in that 1st week. But it does even itself out. I have been astonished at times when I have done exactly the same, and 1 week I'll loose 4lbs, the next it's 7lbs! But I know by the end of that month I'll have lost a stone.

A lot of people write down WHY they wish to loose weight, which they find helps a lot. Especially stuck on the fridge!

Don't worry about your 'blip'. You can get back on the wagon on Wednesday. Make sure you have plenty of support from family and friends, because often without their encouragement, CD can be quite trying.

Good Luck, chin up and keep smiling.

Hugs x x x
:) Thanks Bren

I have this cycle in the past of loosing weight then going into destroy mode, i have no idea why but you are certainly right that i need to deal with this and let it go, thats the past and a slimmer me is the future! Ive got to convince myself that i do deserve to be slimmer.

Im taking my little boy out for a walk in his pushchair now, its so nice outside so a bit of fresh air should do some good! and i do have some packs left, maybe even enough for a week when my CDC comes back so i should get right back on it, perhaps i was looking for an excuse to have a week off haha.

Thanks for your message Bren, its really got me motivated to get of my arse, stop winging and forget how ive dealt with food in the past, need to remember chocolate is NOT my best friend lol.

I managed a week SSing so with a bit of positive thinking and will power i have got to get past the first week.

Thanks again for your help, its times like this you realise how fab these forums are xxxxx


is going to loose!
Yep and judging from your start weight you have a little to loose and normally CDC's say you can start on a higher plan and work your way down. I dont do SS I do 810 and first time around very good losses and so far i have done 16 days but only 9 on CD as I had a road trip with hubby in the middle there. I lost only 2.4lbs and after all the eating and drinking I am not worried rather chuffed that I managed to loose!

Emma so good advice about the reasons to loss and putting them on the fridge I have never tried this, good idea!

Perhaps doing 1000 for example you will be able to get in the zone and feel happy and you will have another loss on that plan too. When you consider how many cals you were consuming before CD doing any of the plans will allow you to loose as you would be consuming less cals than just continuing with bad eating.

Great idea going for a walk! Remember just take each meal as it comes and take a little pressure off yourself. You know you will loose with this diet. Find a plan first that you can stick with then work down if you want bigger losses. For me doing 810, I exercise 4 times at least a week, allows me to loose and stick to the plan. I am renowned for nibbling and know the days I do this I go to the gym and burn it off!

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