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completely off the wagon :( !

I've had the worst day ever, my dad walked out on my mum, the guy i like has fallen out with me and my friends aren't talking to me, so I didn't end up eating any of my packs or drinking any water, my mum said I looked really pale and ill and insisted I ate something, so I've just had 2 scrambled eggs and a bit of ham, I just feel so sick and such a failure :( I haven't had 1 pack yet so don't know whether to even bother today. I just can't believe after 13 days 100% i've done this and I never normally comfort eat, I normally don't eat at all when i'm upset.
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Heya, you've had a horrendous day and yet you've made a really sensible decision, that is totally within WS part of the plan. You've eaten high protein, low carb. That sounds like a total success in my book, OK, so it's not TS, but it is WS, you'll still be in ketosis. Please try and have a pack if you can, to ensure you get some of your vitamins, and have something to drink, some water, tea, coffee, coke zero... whatever takes your fancy. You're likely a little dehydrated if you've not had water or packs today, so that won't help you to feel better.
Be gentle on yourself, you've had a lot of shocks today. I hope you can get some good sleep, and if you want to do TS tomorrow, you'll still be in ketosis and raring to go!
Take care, xx
Thanks hun, i'm just hoping it doesn't affect my weightloss too much :( but yeah I suppose at least it was sensible. I've just drank a liter of water and i'll have a pack later, then just draw a line under it and start TS tomorrow :) Thanks so much for the advice! xx


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Scrambled eggs and a little ham shouldn't make any noticeable difference to your weight loss at all, and it helped you get through a difficult day, so I think it was well worth it! Hopefully tomorrow will seem like a brighter day :)


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What a cr*p day. Sending hugs to you :hug99::hug99::hug99: (but do try and have a pack or two for nutrients or you'll feel exhausted tomoz) xxxxx
Thanks guys! :) i made a shake before in a plastic jug and it tasted like melted plastic ughhhh was gross so I didn't drink it. Just took 2 vitamins and i'm drinking loads of water so I hope i'll be alright tomorrow. xx
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Don't beat yourself up like this, the effects of a meal with low carbs like yours can even be surprisingly good; it can happen even to lose more weight than you did before (it happened to me and I've seen quite a few people around saying the same).


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