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Compulsive weighing!

I can't stop myself jumping on the scales every five minutes at home! Does anyone else have this problem? And my weight is fluctuating so much I don't know what to think! Weighed myself Saturday eve (first time since Xmas - I'm either compulsively weighing or terrified to get on scales!) and seemed I had only gained 2lbs over Xmas, so was quite pleased. Next morning I was 4lbs lighter, later 5lbs heavier, this morning 2lbs lighter again! Have got my "official" weigh-in later which will be first one since rejoining, no idea what to expect!

I am worried as my weight is 2.5lbs higher this morning than yesterday at same time I am not following the plan correctly! Maybe I'm just paranoid, but would any lovely experienced SWers be able to check my food diary (in the food diary section, Tinsel's Food Diary)? I have been doing all green days as I don't eat meat except fish, and trying to follow the 1/3 superfree rule even though I know I don't have to on green, just to be healthy. Hope I am doing everything right, as I don't have the materials from class yet, only some old stuff from last time I was a member two years ago and no food directory.
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That sounds so strange! Have you been weighing yourself at the same time every single day? I recommend first thing in the morning after you use the loo and before you eat breakfast -- and do it in your undies or naked (you probably know this, sorry). Anything you put into your body before you weigh yourself WILL have an impact.

Good luck, hope things improve for you. :patback:
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Your weight will naturally go up and down from day to day. Don't worry about it. I'm trying to resist daily weighing and just rely on the weekly class weigh in to keep myself sane. So far I'm resisting by just not putting batteries in my scales.

Good luck


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I used to weigh myself everytime I went past any scales.... I have some in my kitchen and my bathroom so it could be 8 times a day and all it did for me is confuse and demotivate me. It would fluctuate by up to 6lbs. I suggest you wait until offcial WI, I know its hard but all it will do is upset you. Good luck.
Thanks for the encouragement! I suppose I get on the scales for some mid-week motivation, but it usually has the opposite effect. And I think being relatively new to SW I am also paranoid about the plan not working for me and gaining rather than losing! I suppose I won't see results until my weigh-in next Monday after my first official week on plan though. FIngers crossed!
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I used to be a scale-a-holic too!

Hubby moved them when we started SW last week and told me they weren't even in the house- I have to admit to a sneeky look for them in the shed but they weren't there.

You are doing everything right except one thing - you are only supposed to weigh in class. Dont weigh and look for every body fluctuation. Wait and weigh once a week.

It's a hard habit to break- can you leave your scales with someone for a while?
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Hiya what helped work for me........... is to think that if I jump on the scales before my WI I'm defiantly not gonna get a right weight. I can only ever get the right weight once I've done my week on SW. So even if I do jump on the scales mid week it will not mean anything as I've not done a full week of SW. It seemed to take the sting out of weighing regularly.

Hope that makes sense lol


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Your going to drive yourself nuts! Stop weighing yourself! I know, I know, easier said than done, but your weight naturally fluctuates according to the time of day, how much you have eaten and drank in the day, time of month, even the weather can make a difference thanks to different pressures.

The only weigh in that matters is your weekly weigh in.

Relax... don't do it! :) As long as you stick to plan, there is no reason why it wont work for you!
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I'm a compulsive weigher too. I jump on morning and night everday. I WI at home every week, and the repeated weighings midweek just serve to confuse me. So it's really counterproductive... Giving up weighing is easier to say than to do but I'm going to give it my best shot.
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Since having home scales I got into an habit of always wanting to weigh myself lol! Even the Hubby has got into doing it too.
I rejoined sw last week though so have really tried hard to not weigh in my own scales.
It's really disheartening if you dont see good changes in the weight but you just have to be strong and try not to weigh in all the time, only do it once a week and at the same time of day if you can for a more accurate reading. xxx


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The weigh in which matters is the weekly official one. If you can't resist keep on weighing yourself then it might be a good idea to get rid of the scales completely!

You really need to look at the bigger picture and look at your losses over a longer period, say monthly, because as everyone else has said your weight fluctuates over the day and just ends up confusing you and demotivating you.

Wrap your scales up in clingfilm, put them in a plastic bag, and seal with lots of sticky tape. Put the package in the garage, loft, shed, wherever.

Only get them out again if you need to weigh your luggage before flying!

Slimming World will weigh you every week - it's what you are paying them for.


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I used to be a scale-a-holic too, it's hard isnt it? However just like you it demotivates me if i dont see the figure i want which then means i end up in the kicthen eating rubbish becuase i feel fed up so I've learnt it's better to be cruel to be kind and not get on them until my WI

Just thinking of all the food you eat and the water you drink during the day and week, your weight is bound to fluctuate


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I used to be like that, but now don't go to a class and don't weigh at all. I know I've been successful if I feel healthy and have eaten and drunk healthily.

When my clothes (the ones that are currently vacuum packed under the bed) fit me comfortably again I'll know I'm 'there'.

Since New Year I've stuck to the plan 100% and exercised every day (rest days are a gentle swim). There's nothing else I can do, and I refuse to less a number get me down any more.

Not an approach for many people I'm sure, but for me it means I'm less obsessive about loosing a certain amount every week and am enjoying following my food and exercise plans that much more.
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I weigh morning and night, and sometimes in between just for the heck of it. For me, after many years and battles, I know that it helps me keep on track. When I am not weighing that usually means I am putting on weight!

However, I have come to understand there are many reasons why your weight fluctuates. Some you can control, some you can't, and sometimes you'll just never know why!

Time of the month or ovulation can lead to water retention, when you've execised, what you've eaten, when you last went to the loo etc etc all affect your weight. Even eating salty foods can lead to temporary weight gain - if have a chinese takeaway at the wrong time of the month I can shoot up 4pounds in a day, but it's not true weight.

This is a good article that has been rehashed on many websites - google "why scales lie". As long as you can see a general trend, don't get too het up about each individual reading.

Brian's and Katerina's Weight Loss Support Site!- Why The Scale Lies


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I weigh myself pretty much every time I go to the toilet, as the scales are in the bathroom. Terrible habit which I must break, but it normally helps me and motivates me. If I see a loss I keep up the good work, if its a gain I work harder or gym more.

I do need to stop it though, as its not good for me. Might have to get the bf to hide the scales, except for my proper weigh in's on Sunday mornings. :)

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