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Concerns about digestion, dizziness etc - sorry if it's a bit gross!

Hi everyone,

Sorry to put a downer on things but I've had a few concerns this week and am looking for some reassurance!

Over the past 3 or 4 days I've been feeling quite dizzy, and my period still hasn't come and it was due last week (no chance of being pregnant so don't worry about that!). I also still haven't had a 'natural' poo on LL and I'm coming into week 8 (sorry about the details but I'm worried!) - I take a laxative once a week, and I dread doing so because every time I do I have terrible stomach cramps and nothing really 'comes out' anyway. I'm also really worried about having taken laxatives for so long now because I've read that they can really muck up your digestive system. I also did a blood pressure reading with a home monitoring thingamejig earlier today and I had a reading of 107/61. I'm not entirely sure if that's good or bad but I know it's certainly lower than my last reading.

Just to let you all know, I am sticking ridgedly to the programme - I have my 4 packs and always drink at least 4 litres of water each day, so I'm not doing anything wrong as far as that goes.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'm really not feeling myself and, as I said before, I am a little concerned. Plus, I only dropped 1.68lbs this week. Can anyone enlighten me on what's going on?!

Bex Xxx
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I haven't had a period in about 12 weeks I think - and my BP is now about the same as yours and I go for days without a movement and then suddenly I have huge amounts of poo! So - er nothing unusual in what's happening to you at your particular BMI - no - but then it's not normal either - but then doing a VLCD isn't 'normal'. Talk to your GP and to LL medical if you are worried about any of the symptoms. I would post more but I feel a bit iffy myself!
Sarah you have just had your wisdon teeth removed!! Re syptoms can understnd why yu ae worried & I've had the digestive problems and some light headedness but alas my periods have gone into overdrive (on 3 weeks & off 1!!). Do you take 1 dulcolax at night? I take one every 2 days & that seems to do the trick; periods are known to stop on a VLCD which feels off but think of it as saving eggs if nothing else & saving on tampax so you can buy clothes! Keep an eye on BP & if you are worried go to GP. I get my BP done at Lloyds pharmacy and havent been to the GP for months as now not on any prescribed medication! It may just be that you've been overdoing it but better to check than worry! Big hugs & keep us posted!


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
LOL at saving eggs! I feel like a chicken!
So true though!

Yeah - I was just fading out on my painkillers whilst I was in the middle of typing that! Bt I had all those symptoms before the op too ;)
If you are concerned about the BP, try extra salt. I use Marigold (the regular version rather than the low salt one).

Not sure what to suggest about the poo situation. I was considering a colonic irrigation. I've been havign constipation issues recently and 1 laxative isn't doing anything. I will try two tonight and see if that helps things along - but still thinking about the colonic...

First of all, you got to get rid of that poo!!! As a nurse i recommend Movicol (does not affect LL), you can either get this on prescription or buy it from chemist, but it's not cheap. It's a sachet that you mix with water then drink. You can take up to 8 sachets a day initially and i promise it will clear you out then take 1-2 every day to keep you regular. You will not get cramps as you do with other laxatives!

Secondly, your BP is fine, the ideal for an adult is 120/60 -80. Keep an eye on it though if it goes any lower see your GP. If you are on any BP medication then you need to see your GP. Your dizziness could just be Lighter Life i often have a little dizzy spell for a few seconds but it could be related to your BP if its dropping a bit a times so please keep check.

As others have said don't worry about periods.

Hope his helps
I'm concerned to, my 1st blood pressure check after 7 weeks reads 83/60 in my left arm & 91/63 in my right arm. I had this done at Lloyds chemist. When I was pregnant I was told I had lower blood pressure and that it was a good thing. But having just read the last post now I just don't know. I get dizzy and blurred vision if I get up too quick sometimes especially getting out of bed first thing in the morning but other than that I'm ok?

Dawn xx
Dawn, My blood pressure is also much lower on LL, part of the reason you need to drink so much is to maintain a high blood volume which is turn raises your blood pressure. If I haven't been drinking for an hour or more I can also get mild dizzy spells if I stand up too quickly. Lower blood pressure can be a good thing but very low blood pressure (hypotension) can need treating because of persistent fainting that people sometimes get. If you aren't fainting and its limited to first thing in the morning (when you having been drinking for several hours) then it probably is water related but if your symptoms get worse or you actually start fainting you should pop along to your GP for a check as there are treatments available to raise BP. Sandra's idea about extra salt might help too as this would raise BP.
Hi Dawn,

My blood pressure has dropped on LL and I have brief moments of dizzyness too - but other than that I feel fine. Unfortunately I can't comment on your blood pressure results as I am pretty much clueless on what they should be, but as the others have said, if you are concerned, the best thing to do would be to talk to your GP/nurse/LL counsellor about it. It sounds like you should be fine though - as Cerulean said before, sometimes strange things happen on a VCLD, 'but then doing a VCLD isn't normal'!! :)


Ps. Thanks to everyone who replied to my original post - just to let you know, I'm in perfect working order!
Dawn - It's not unusual to get different BP reading on different limbs. I would take the higher reading as your actual BP. Your systolic (top one) is a little on the low side but just within normal limits and your diastolic (bottom one) is fine.

Don't worry, if you find on next check that it's dropped further just pop in to see your GP.
In the last week I've started getting pins and needles in the fingers of my left hand, and then I go dizzy, then I'm OK. It seems to have been more often this weekend. Perhaps I get more active at weekends? It does seem to be when I am standing and moving, glad it doesn't happen when I am driving it really feels weird, if I am carrying anything in my left hand I have to put it done. Had my blood pressure taken for week 9/10 weigh in last week that was fine, I'm told.

Anybody else had this? or any ideas.?

Is it possible to drink too much water, seem to be drinking more water recently, 6 or 7 litres a day, could this be a problem, I thought it was good to drink as much as possible.
Any suggestions very welcome, Thanks
Hi icy, just mentionned this to a doctor colleague at work, he wonders if your electrolyte balance is OK. I know we get all our nutrition from the packs but have you had any days where you didn't manage 4, this might lead to some very minor nerve problems leading to your pins and needles? The dizzyness may be down to dehydration at certian periods of the day causing slight hypotension. Just try and consistently drink if you can. If it persists you may want to pop to the GP just to be safe!
Hi Kerrie,
Thank you for asking your friend, didn't want to go to the doctor's in case she told me to stop.
I think I've only missed one food pack in 10 weeks, fell asleep in front of the TV. and just went to bed when I woke up. That was ages ago, though.

I have recently in the last 2 - 3 weeks upped the amount of water I am drinking, trying to improve my weightloss. I stopped smoking 4 weeks ago, and my weight loss slowed down, so I upped my intake to 6 litres and then to 7 litres. I was wondering if I was drinking too much, and diluting the nutrients in the packs or flushing them through my system too quickly, I am only 5 foot 2, so quite short.

At least your friend/colleague doesn't think it is anything too serious, I typed in the syptoms on the net, in a search engine and scared myself to death, so gave that up as a bad job.

Yes its never a good idea to research symptoms on net as after a bad bout of sickness I was convinced I had some awful disease!

It is possible that the large amounts of water are flushing the electrolytes (particularly magnesium, calcium and potassium) through your system too quick as these are essential to normal nerve function so may account for your pins and needles.

If its just pins and needles for now it should be OK. I myself was consistently waking up with cramps and pins and needles for a while but it seems to have settled now. Stopping smoking (by the way, majorly impressed you did that and LL!) will also affect your system for a while especially as nicotine acts on nerve receptors so unless it gets worse or unbearable you sound OK! If you can, slowing the water down (but still having the same amount) might help as it would give your kidneys time to retrieve the nutrients they need rather than just flushing everything out in order to get your blood volume down.

But do see your GP if you are worried - know where you are coming from, mine is very anti-LL so I don't want to go to her either, so much so I have opted for some ancient old man GP to discuss going back on the pill on Wednesday - not looking forward to that!
Thanks for the reassurances,
Last time I stopped smoking I managed to put on 4-1/2 stone very quickly, so didn't want a repeat of that again. Didn't think my little frame could stand it. So purposely set off on Lighter Life with the intention of stopping smoking after 5 or 6 weeks on the program, hoping this would stop me gaining weight, and also that the management section, when I get there, would help me maintain a reasonable weight.
My counsellor was horrified at what I was planning, and my weight loss slowed down, pretty dramatically, she kept whispering to me have you cheated? Which I hadn't. I was quite pleased that I hadn't actually put on any weight; she couldn't understand it.
I do think your metabolism slows down a little when you remove the stimulus of nicotine. Anyway that's when I upped the water intake, to 6 litres, and the following week after the same slow weight loss, (counsellor very worried, me still pleased I hadn't put any on) I upped it to 7 Litres. Then started with pins and needles in fingers and dizzy spells.
I try to drink a litre every 2 to 2-1/2 hours, throughout the day and evening, will try to keep it steady and cut back to 6 litres and see if I feel better,

Thanks Kerrie, hope it's not too embarassing on Wednesday for you.

Hi am new to this 11 days ago and 13lb lighter but i have exactlthe same i can only describe it as floaty and light headed but i was told that more water might help but my blood pressure is lower than normal so i think we are having the same symptoms hey dropping from 2500 cals to just over 500 is gonna make you feel a bit odd

Cut the water back from 7 litres to 5-1/2 to 6 litres per day, feel a lot better, not had any dizzy spells since. Perhaps I am too short for that amount of water, can't very well say small, can I?

Lost 4 lbs. this week

Thanks for the help.

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