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    hello everyone, first time posting for me after a long time of browsing! i have regularly exercised throughout the lighterlife programme and after losing 6 and a half stone and *almost* reaching my goal im scared that my weight loss is now slowing down :sigh: ive read so much conflicting advice about exercising on the programme such as it slows it down or it speeds it up, i wouldn't want to not reach my goal by the date ive set myself!! i don't go to the gym the day before i have my weigh in just incase there is some sort of muscle gain that would make me heavier and i was wondering what peoples opinions on the subject were? thanks in advance :)
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    was LL now diet chef
    hi emz
    welcome and well done on your loss, its great.

    i had similar thoughts when i was on LL

    the way i look at it now is this...

    excercise is the thing i need to do to keep slim.

    would i rather weigh 8 stone and be untoned and unfit, or 9 stone with shapley limbs and flat tummy????

    its a no brainer - for me anyway. who cares what the scales say, if i fit my clothes well and look good. I have spent too long obsessing with the numbers on the scales.

    daisy x
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    I just asked my LLC this as I go to the gym, I'm the only one in my group. They were all worried about putting on muscle and not losing as fast.

    I decided that I didn't want to loose the weight and then have excess skin/flabby bits, I'd rather tone it up and get stronger/fitter.

    The LLC said that we shouldn't put on too much muscle during the diet if we exercise as we are not taking in enough protein to bulk up, our bodies will more tone up that get muscley.

    So thats great, all I want to do it be less saggy, so it sounds fine.

    Hope that helps x
  5. emz449

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    thanks for your replies, they are appreciated! yeah i agree with you both, ive spent so much time trying to build up my fitness and running times that it would be stupid to sacrifice it for the sake of a few pounds on the scales, im guessing as well the exercise helps to keep the weight off when you come off the programme and into rtm/maintenance! i hate that im so addicted to my scales, would love to bin them really but the separation would be too hard lol!
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    The reason your weight slows towards the end of the programme is that your metabolism is at its lowest level - it's been in starvation mode for ages, and as you've got lighter it's been able to use less calories to move your body around the place.

    Exercise shouldn't slow your losses. It might not speed 'em up but it's unlikely to slow them. The adrenaline buzz can also be really important mentally. There's no need to worry about bulking up - regardless of the protein just being female means we lack the hormones to build bulk muscle. Toned and defined - yes. Massive bulk - unlikely. If you are a bit worried just do more reps with smaller weights rather than a few reps with really big weights when doing weight training or in classes like pump.

    The advantage long term of muscle is it takes more calories to keep it alive than it does fat, so if two people are the same weight but one has more percentage muscle than person will use more calories just keeping alive, and can therefore eat more and still maintain weight.
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