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Confused about GI


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Hi guys

I have PCOS and am considering following a low GI diet as i have been told that it would be benificial to me to sustain my blood sugar level. I have had success in the past with WW but seem to have hit a brick now and its slowly creeping up but i keep picking with WW

now i kind of understand the principle of the GI diet and have the Gi bikini book 28 days thing that says to keep the carbs under 50g per day but pasta has a low GI however im told you can have it because its GL is ok if you had wholewheat pasta, now what i dont get is how do you figure out the GL from the GI and it says in my book that the GI can change depending on what foods you eat together so it seems quite complicated thats why i always go back to WW and flounder about

Im going to try and get hold of that Ricks book but until then anything to get me started would help
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Hiya Vodka

I've been following the GI Diet - I am afraid that I don't know much about GL principles though - I don't want to confuse myself!

However as you are gonna get Rick Gallops book I can tell you that according to the GI diet you can hav 40gm dry pasta per serving. There is no mention of how much per a day - but I am assuming pasta for breakfast wouldn't be most people's cup of tea...

According to the Rick Gallop book, you cut down your carbs and should eat his recommended portions, but it is not as perscriptive as stating "that you must no more than X amount each day". Just go easy on the carbs - you'll be fine :)

Hope that helps.

Luv CC xx xx xx

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