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Confused.Co.UK & a little suspicious??!

I went to my first RC Class this evening (am no longer doing 1000 plan, Just my own healthy eating and the RC exercise class) and I was mortified that they weighed me in at FOUR lbs more than my scales make me?? :cry:

I`ve always had my unofficial WI at home, and my official WI with my CDC and bizarrely, She always made me 4-5lbs heavier too??!?:confused:

For my unofficial WI, I always weigh on my scales first thing in the morning, Then on the scales at work in the evening as they are Drs scales and I have been assured that they are correct as they`re the Drs set and never leave the room or move. Now my work scales always match my scales? So which are right?!

I`m getting a bit confused and possibly a bit suss that all diet scales seem to weigh me heavy? Or am I just being paranoid?? :rolleyes:

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Youre being paranoid ;)

seriously though its not at all unusual for scales to measure differently, the main thing is they show the same losses every week. I dont think its any great conspiracy theory, but then again......... ;)

Id actually say its more likely your scales are wrong to be honest, youll find the docs ones and class ones will be calibrated regularly and probably more likely to be accurate. I wouldnt worry about 4lbs x
Haha you`re probably right re paranoia ;)

But if my scales are wrong, So would the Drs be as they match mine :confused:

It`s only the diet scales that seem to love adding extra lbs :sigh: lol

Like I said, I`m probably just being paranoid ;)

Just a bit gutted that I have another stone to lose as opposed to 10lbs :(

I know 4lbs doesn`t seem a lot, But I`m a very very slow loser and I have a time frame to lose it in :( Xx
it's the loss that counts not the weight. go by the docs as they're more accurate and if they match yours then you are A ok. you still have 10lbs to loose so use the other weigh in scales as a measurement of loss rather than an accurate assessment of your weight.
My scales 1st thing in the morning in the nude after wee always weigh me 2 pounds heavier than cdc's, but sometimes it's 3. On the weeks it is 3 I ask her to round it up!
I am counting my loss from the weight I was on my own scales on 3rd Jan, as cdc didn't come until the following week.

I agree, I wish all scales weighed the same where ever you were weighed.x
I agree, I wish all scales weighed the same where ever you were weighed.x
Impossible feat I'm afraid... as the others have said just stick to one set of scales. Comparing 4 different types will drive you mad! Also keep in mind that your weight naturally fluctuates by up to 5lbs a day depending on internal metabolic processes hence one weekly weigh-in on one scales at the same time each week in the same clothes is the best way to go.

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