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confused feelings on day 3

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:confused:Hi all, Just getting thru day 3 and my head is all over the place...
I keep thinking i can eat sensibly why do i need to starve myself but then i think no because that is why i'm 6 stone over weight in the first place (i'm having an arguement with myself!!!).
This is second time around and i only managed 2 weeks last time, I really want to do this but feling dreadful at the moment. I'm also continueing with my exercise regime (cycling 3 times a week) and i'm wondering if that is making me feel more hungry than if i wasn't doing anything at all. I feel cold today and headachey too...grrrh being over weight sucks!
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ok it is up to yourself if you want to continue your same exercise regime but remember you only have 425 calories a day this is needed for normal everyday things like moving your arm if you do to much exercise you will push yourself into starvation mode. the first 2 weeks are very hard i spent most of them on the couch. its admirable that your trying to keep doin the same amount of exercise but for the first week i would think its a bad idea ur body is already under stress so why put more on it perhaps you should reduce your exercise then as the weeks go by add more time in? you mite feel all the better for it which will make you last longer this time around.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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General advice is usually to take it easier for the first week or so while the body readjusts to its new regime. Donµt be too hard on yourself. If you can stick with this till december you may have lost the best part of three stone. Now that is some chunk of your total. Stay strong,take things easier and plenty of water!!
S: 16st12lb C: 16st4lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st8lb(3.39%)
thakyou irish molly, i would love to lose 3 stone for christmas, thanks for pointing that out it makes me feel more positive xx


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Hey Dear,

chin up!You know why you are doing this, and you know that you CAN do this. I lost 6 stone in 18 weeks luv and I still have another 3 to go. I fell off the wagon to and today is my first day back on it and i feel great but Cold...brrrrr.

We all know how hard it can be but as you prob heard before nothing tastes better than feeling slim does!

Just imagine that in 4 months you could be at your goal and be once and for all over and done with. a new lighter and happy you! And 4 months is noooo time.

Set yourself smaller goals like half a stone, as you will reach them quicker and that keeps u motivated. 4 more days and the week is over and you will b fine. I tell you one thing tho, stop your cycling for now, do sit ups instead or anything "small-ish excercise" at least for the first 2 weeks. And mayb leave it to 1-2 a week, or shorter times. As it has been said u will otherwise use up all ur cals and starve urself.

So sit back relax and fly through the next 4 days.

You know u can do it :)
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I agree set yourself smaller goals looking at the total weight loss can be to much Take a week at a time ..
I'm on week 7 and going to start swimming next week i do walk at weekends but i just didn't have the energy to do much else untill now
take it easy good luck for your WI

debz x
S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
Agreed - take it easy with cardio exercise the first week or 2 while your body adjusts to the new way of getting and using energy :)

It's normal to not feel great, but once you are in ketosis and feeling less hungry it should hopefully get easier for you.

Good luck, and keep posting :) the support here is great!
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hi slimmer

I found you are all over the place for the first 3-4 days.. then you'll wake up with a great feeling.. it even says it in the LT paperwork...

THen its all over.. youve done the hard bit... keep going....... you will be very happy on WW1... no pain no gain....... but pain will be over and itll be all gain (well losses, losses and more losses)...

Best of luck, may your losses be big ones!!

Think thin, be thin, be happy........


Getting thinner everyday!
I don't exercise whilst on LT.

Last time I was on, I found that just being on LT itself was enough for very good weight loses.

My plan was to lose the weight and then to introduce exercise afterwards to help to maintain. That's my plan again this time.

Hope today is easier for you


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