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  1. slimslow

    slimslow Full Member

    Hi all i am confused ...can u help?

    When i started LL i weighed 18.6 stone i weighed myself this evening on my own scale and it said i weighed 16.12 or 13 so how much have i actually lost and what the formula...


    ps. must be the mediacation i'm on thats making it hard for me to think
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  3. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    Evenin hun!
    1st 8lbs/ 22lbs Im sure.
    14lb in a stone.
    Is that what you meant?
  4. Isis

    Isis Ancient Egypt Nut!

    Hi Slimslow :)

    I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "what's the formula" ? You look to have had amazing losses.

    Can I ask how long it's taken to go from 18.6 to 16.12 ?

    Lacey :)
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    (18*14+6)-(16*14+12)= 22lbs

    14lbs to a stone, so 22-14 = 1 stone 8lbs[​IMG]
  6. slimslow

    slimslow Full Member

    thanks guys for that i started on the 5th of january but missed my weigh in last week but are having one tomorrow.

    So i have been on this almost a month.

    so are u saying i have lost 1 st 8 in 14 days.... that cant be right.... can it???
  7. nadhak


    [​IMG]It is so possible - well done SLimslow!
    Hope it keeps you motivated and you can look forward to a slim Summer!
  8. RacieTracie

    RacieTracie Full Member

    Excellent weight loss!!!

    well done you!!!:D :D :D :D

  9. slinkytobe

    slinkytobe Full Member

    That can be sooo right Slimslow - well done you!!

    This diet is a bit like that. You lose so much so quickly that you can't quite believe it. It comes from years and years of being on other diets where it just takes forever to lose that amount.

    Keep it up!
  10. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer


    Have you noticed any other factors which might indicate that you've lost a lot of weight? For example, clothes feeling loose?

    It is a great start for you - long may it continue!
  11. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    well done
    what a loss , and beleieve it , it can be right !!!!
  12. slimslow

    slimslow Full Member

    hi all
    went for my weigh and was disaapointed as i have in 29 day lost 15lbs not that crazy amount i thought i had.

    But i am still realy happy and today this afternoon my partner and i where having a bit of a cuddle and he said. Ilike what you have done with your body and that felt really good as he has never said that even when i was slimmer.

    thanks for all that encoragement and support

  13. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

    Kara - well done ........ 15lb in 29days is just over your stone in a month.

    And how lovely your fella noticed!!! Bet he notices even more by the end of next month!!

    How much would you like to lose in total???
  14. slimslow

    slimslow Full Member

    Thank you.

    Well in total i would like to weigh about well until i'm about 10/11 stone i guess. Because for me to get fertility treatment i need a BMI of 29 and below so that will be determined by that or hopefully start ovulating before.

    but i would also like to look good and somehow i think being about 9 st is too much for me.

    I would like to be a size 14 and as they say a stone minus a dress size i would need to lose another 4 months well into april i guess!

    Wish it would be even quicker!!!
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