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confused,this is weird!!!

Ok peeps i am on a completely low fat diet but i am having full fat salad cream on my salads,only a couple of tablespoons,prob everyday,i have also worked it out i am having no where near 30gs of fat a day and no where near 15gs of fat per meal but for the last 2 days i have started having orange oil??? I have lost lost 4Ibs in 4 days which is bloody great but i just do not know where this orange oil is coming from.......its weird,do you think its the salad cream?? Also when you look on food packaging,is it the fat content you look at or the fats that saturates?? Thanks every one and i hope you are all doing well x x x x :D
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The 5g of fat per 100g relates to the fats in total, not just saturates.

I would think it is the salad cream really. I had some one day when I had had a really low fat day. Turns out it was my fish pie because fish have good oils in but Xenical can't tell the difference. Have you eaten fish?
Hi hun thankyou for writing back,i have just compared low fat salad cream and full fat salad cream and there isnt much difference anyway!! I thought lower fat was better!! even the calories are nearly just as high!! Its all a gimmic,im gona look at weight watchers salad cream tomorrow,theres a huge difference in mayo though between diet and full fat!! Weird isnt it!!! Was your fish wrapped in bread crumbs or batter or was it just plain fish???????????? xxxxxx
Definately the salad cream. You're gona have to find something tp put on your salad that less than 5g per 100g...

You need to ignore the 15g per meal thing, the less fat you eat, the more weight you will lose and the less side effects............

So, bin the salad cream I say !!

Well done on your weight loss so far - keep it up x
does that mean i cant eat salad cream? x
Officially - no - most ive come across are more than 5g per 100g.

I do have a drizzle of a low fat one on my salads and im lucky enough not to experience any side effects. But I do mean a drizzle, from a squeezy bottle.

If its because you need something moist with your salad, I like a spoonful of cottage cheese, especially the one with pineapple in!
Thanks guys for writing back,salad cream is the only thing each day i eat fatty,i have been brought up on it,how can i ditch it,i thought it was up too 30grams a day,im well confused!!! please someone explain, i dont eat nothing like 30 grams a day!! not even with the salad cream,im getting really disheartned now x
Does anyone know of a salad cream thats less than 5g per 100g

:sign0163: .....help needed for tracy........
Hi Tracey - my fish was plain white fish.

Know what you mean about liking something on your salad. I love mayo so now I have extra light mayo and very little of it :(
well im screwed then!!!lol x low fat mayo i like on pitta but not on salad,call me weird i know lol x perhaps i sud give up salad lol !!
Could you mix a bit of salad cream with some very low fat plain fromage frais? so it feels like your having more? Don't know what it would taste like because I havn't tried it, I havn't seen any salad cream with 5g of fat per 100g though :(


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You can't have anything with more than 5g per 100g, even if it is only a tiny bit and the rest of what you are eating is super low fat. I tend to have a bit of fat free yoghurt (I add mint to make it the same as you get from the Indian!) or Weight Watchers creme fraiche, which is the only creme fraiche I've found that is low enough.
ditch the full fat salad cream and opt for low fat it may be a big difference as far as side effects go.. xx

fats = the whole fats... check out the xenical newbie info thread x

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