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Before Christmas I had got myself down to that point where it was becoming harder and harder to lose weight each week - but was hovering in the region of about 10st 3-4lb, and losing perhaps 1lb every couple of weeks. A few days before Christmas I had the brilliant idea of throwing myself down some stairs, doing a bit of damage to my foot in the process. Over the next four weeks I couldn't exercise at all, and relaxed a little on my diet (well, it was Christmas :)). I was very surprised when I found each week I was still around the 10st 3lb mark.

Once my foot was up to it, I jumped back on my exercise bike (on which I do 17.5km 6-7 days a week). The week after starting with my exercising again, my weight went up to about 10st 6-7lb, and it has stayed exactly the same this week too.

It's not bothering me as such, as I'm happy to be anywhere around or under the 10 and a half stone mark, but I'm just confused why it appears I can not exercise at all and not put anything on, but as soon as I do, my weight has gone up?

Any ideas? :confused:

Squidge x
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Serena's title didn't fit

When you exercise you gain muscle. That could be an explanation. Also possible your fluid retention goes up too? I can assure you it's not fat though ;-)


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