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Considering Exante but my mian concern is...

S: 15st10lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 3st6lb(21.82%)
... piling all the weight back on when i'm done.

I don't think i could commit to a VLCD for a long time, i'm thinking i could probably manage until christmas which would hopefully see me on my way to goal. I have 2 - 3 stone left to loose after following WW for a year, but i've come to a grinding halt with my weight loss, and i need a push.

Is it the case that as soon as i start eating again i will pile weight back on as my body isn't used to food, or if i start eating again sensibly (i.e. WW style pointing, so my points allowance is in line with my weight) that i should be able to maintain what i've lost.

You hear so often of people piling the weight back on after VLCD, and i'm wondering if it is pretty standard, or if it is a case of people just being greedy!

Also... how does it taste?! I've tried Cambridge diet sachets when a friend was doing it and it was pretty awful i must say!

Thankyou in advance :)
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I can haz cake?
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If you can keep at the propoints you will be fine. You may get an initial gain on your first week, but if you keep at it you will not continue to gain. The only reason people gain after a vlcd is because they go back to old habits :)

but yeah you could give it a go for a month and see how you fare xx
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... piling all the weight back on when i'm done.
If you don't adjust - radically change your eating habits after any diet you will put the weight back on.
Calories in and calories out - its as simple as that.
VLCD are great as a boost and as a quick, focussed solution. It has worked for me better than anything else I have ever done. Its not easy, especially the first week, but it does work. But everyone who has lost weight has to eat differently if they want to avoid putting the weight back on again. Actually we just don't need as many calories as you think and most of us are stuck in the habit of eating far more than we expend. So adjust your intake or become a daily marathon runner if you want to avoid regaining weight lost on any diet.

By the way the products shakes, soups are fine as fat burning magic packets - the taste becomes irrelevant as the fat melts away. Thats what I found.
I hope this helps


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
yeah... the first few days they aren't the most pleasant but when you get into keto they taste fine :p

I assume thetrigos will be going back to ww, so there shouldn't be a problem with that... its a matter of a fact that theres a likely chance you'll gain weight on the first week because your body is empty on a vlcd, and on ww it wont be. x
there has been lots of research done on this and it shows that the percentage of people who regain weight after doing a VLCD is exactly the same as those doing a calorie controlled diet like WW and SW . You have to change your eating habits to keep the weight off or you will regain , simple . There are ways to 'refeed ' after a VLCD to prevent a recarb gain , by adding carbs very gradually over a number of weeks you can carry on loosing whilst coming off the VLCD . Also using low GI carbs is very helpful after a VLCD x


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
It really really annoys me that the media is so so down on vlcds.... its like almost like your bound to fail for doing such a "silly" and "dangerous" diet. But they don't account for the fact that people just go and eat like they did once they've lost weight. Yet there are lots of people determined to stay at their target weight, and do!

Maintenance is the biggest part of this journey, for all of us, whether you've 1 stone to lose or 10 stone!

And as Starlight rightly says, people gain back on every diet if they lose faith... and if you notice, a lot of the biggest loser contestants lose their way and come back with weight on!!! No diet will ever guarantee long term success unless you stick at it.
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Thank you all for your replies - very interesting reading. I agree that if you're not determined, whatever diet you're doing, you will regain the weight... what i meant by my original concern was the worry that even if i continue to diet, my body will simply gain weight just because it's not used to eating, but it seems that if you reintroduce food gradually and continue to make sensible healthy choices, that it should be fine.

I think as Hannata suggested it is sensible to try for a month and see how i get on. The Exante website says to take a 'food break' after 4 weeks and this seems like a sensible way to use the week to reintroduce food. To be honest i feel like if i commited to a month it would be easier because i know there's an end in sight, does that make sense? So even if it's horrible, it's just a month!! Also, cost wise, i think i could probably only afford a month here and there, rather than long term. I'm thinking it will be a really good boost, pre christmas parties, to get my weight shifting again. Just got to mind the xmas pudding!!
Also, cost wise, i think i could probably only afford a month here and there, rather than long term.
I guess it depends on each persons finances etc as everyones circumstances are different, but I too worried I wouldn't be able to afford it long term (I have about 5 stones to lose) but the bumper packs are half price and it will work out at about £25 per week to do exante TS which is actually cheaper than what my 'normal' food bill costs per week (I also eat a few take aways which make it go up even more). So I'll actually be saving money while doing exante. Originally I wanted to do LighterLife and even though you do have the Counsellor with that program I just wouldn't be able to afford £72 a week. I'm single and my food bill is about £30-40 a week... so £72 is nearly double and I simply don't have that extra money spare. Then I looked into Lipotrim at about £36 per week which was a lot better than £72 but when I saw the monthly bumper packs at half price on exante I was really pleased.

What ever you choose to do I wish you luck, I too have a goal set for Christmas. I also worry about maintaining, even though I realise it's down to me and I must not go back to my old ways... but there's still a part of me that worries.
S: 15st10lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 3st6lb(21.82%)
£25 a week is very reasonable - my food bill is astronomical as i have hubby and two boys!! Me not eating i doubt will make much difference as i'll still have to buy it all to feed them, but buying bulk does make it more affordable.

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