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considering moving to weight watchers


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After only losing 32 pounds in 9 months, only slipping up at christmastime,otherwise 100 per cent on the plan, I considering changing to weight watchers as as there's mire control on portion sizes. But I love Slimming world, its just disheartening sticking to the plan and not losing week after week. I'm due to have a hysterectomy in three months time due to my endometriosis. Is this the problem
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The only thing I would say about WW is that you will not have the freedom that you do with SW.

Before I started SW I used to follow WW, from before the new ProPoints system was introduced. I lost about a stone and a half, but it seemed to take me ages. I felt too restricted in what I could and couldn't eat, and tended to get bored very easy. This lead to not following the plan properly and gaining one week, losing the next, only to gain again the following week - up and down like a yo-yo.

The Pro-Points plan seemed to throw me off even more - and I have heard this from a lot of other people (many of whom have now switched to SW like me).

If you're seriously considering switching then you need to be aware of how much you will be restricted. The big difference I found between the two is that SW does not come with a list of "cant have"s, whereas WW felt like it did.

Obviously it is completely your choice, and you should go with whatever you think will work best for you. Besides, if you decide WW isn't for you, you can always return to SW. Either way, good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

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I cant work out what the problem is with loosing 32lbs in 9 months? if im honest it sounds to me like your rushing your loss.

Theres no shame in moving over to ww as you need to do whats best for you.. but theres no garenteeing youl loose week after week with ww either? I think you need to slow down and appriciate the REALLY good weightloss youv had. x


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Thank you guys, I think I'll peek at weight watchers and see, but I know my heart is with Slimming World. I don't feel as if I'm on a diet, and I fear that could be my problem. I think I've hit a plateau and it's very disheartening. My friend is going to lend me her Weight Watchers book. I'm thinking of sticking to Slimming World principles but Weight Watchers restrictions. Watch this space.
If you have issues with portion control, the only person who can fix that is you :( you will more likley find that if you feel your being 'restricted' you will find it alot harder, where as if you feel you can have that nice big portion if you want it, but your going to try and littler one first and see if it fills you okay then that may work better. I for one have issue with portion control, and thought somthing more restrictive would teach me how to control it, but i just rebelled. . iv never been able to tackle my problem long term, but if you really focus and keep telling yourself you can have more if you need it, it works much better x


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you've hit the nail on the head - I enjoy slimming world so much I don't feel the need to go off the plan. Therefore, I will lose weight it will just take a little longer. But If I switch to weight watchers where I'll be restricted, I won't enjoy it and go to my old ways. I'm going to take a look at weight watchers, cos I don't know the new diet at all, but I'll probably stay with slimming world.


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I love the new Pro Points system, I did WW many years ago when it did have restrictions.
I feel the pp system is fantastic there are no restrictions at all, you can eat "normally" from day 1, unlike the old days when they gave you a weekly plan that was very restricted and reintroduced you slowly to eating everything!
It's the easiest plan I've ever used (and I've used many! lol).
But as has been said before it's not a bad weight loss, the advice for healthy weight loss is 1 - 2lbs a week anyway, so well done you for losing it in the first place


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Can I be blunt?

You already say you love SW so why look at WW at all?

I think you just need to have a 'week one' focused week where you read the books again and see if that has any impact on your weight loss.

Sometimes when you are on SW you get used to having the same things. I would suggest if you do EE plan, having some Red or Green days instead. This will make the plan feel perhaps a little more varied.

Best of luck.
Which plan are you following? I do red only and have lost 37lb in 9 months however from February when we went on holiday, I thought I was 'generally' sticking to plan but put 11lb back on.

Since start of may when I went back to basics and followed the plan pretty much religiously I've lost the 11lb I put on plus I've just lost another 3lb.

Maybe consider switching to red or green? Shake things up a little?
My main reason for considering ww is all down to portion control. I feel som3times I'm eating food just because I can. I do ee,but maybe I should juggle it a little and do red and green days


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Do you follow the one-third superfree recommendation? If you are doing that properly then portion control should not be an issue.


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About a year ago after loosing over 5 stone on SW I hit a plateau and decided to try WW. I followed WW for over three months and did loose weight initially but I felt so hungry. I also lost interest in WW because I felt restricted, however I understand for some people this structure is what they want from a weight loss programme. After this I stopped following anything resulting in a two stone gain. Now I am back on SW and enjoying it. I admit my weight loss is slower this time but I am more than happy with that it takes as long as it takes.
I was ALWAYS hungry with ww. I do think sw has a slower weight loss generally but it's more of a lifestyle change so for me, I know I'll stay on it longer term. Whereas ww, can you imagine counting points forever? I put the weight I lost at ww back on for that very reason - I don't like counting! :-D
My main reason for considering ww is all down to portion control. I feel som3times I'm eating food just because I can. I do ee,but maybe I should juggle it a little and do red and green days
I am not as stringent as I was, but up until the day I reached target, I alternated all three plans by changing every day.

It really helped.

Do you follow the one-third superfree recommendation? If you are doing that properly then portion control should not be an issue.
Good point!

So many people I know don't follow e/e correctly as they miss the superfree rule. I see and hear it at group most weeks.

Pile the plate with salad/veg and portion control will not be an issue;)



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ceriann said:
My main reason for considering ww is all down to portion control. I feel som3times I'm eating food just because I can. I do ee,but maybe I should juggle it a little and do red and green days
If you recognise youre doing this, then try cutting down on those things. Tbh ive been keeping an eye on my portions the last few days as i was worried. Its not really changed what ive had at meals but what i have cut down on are having things like a yoghurt after every meal just cos its free, or having a mid morning snack when im not really hungry. We were really busy out on saturday and i went all afternoon until 9pm without eating but i wasnt even hungry so this has got me thinking i am perhaps eating too much just cos i can.
Don't do it! You know that you have issues with your hormeones and all and that will slow things down. Make sure you're on plan, stick with it and it will come off, even if it is a bit slower than some other people who don't have the medical issues that you do.

Slimming World gives you freedom and there is nothing wrong with eating big! I certainly couldn't hack the WW tiny portions and I'd crack in a month. I might get faster weight loss for a week, but its the long game we need to be playing and SW is great for that.

It's a lifestyle and the side effect is the weight loss....don't worry about it so much, lean on others like you (there are lots of us to chose from) and stress not. Stress will impede your losses.


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I have recently switched from SW to WW and am finding the new PP system is really helping with portion control - I really thought I'd feel hungry but that's not the case. In some ways there are some similarities to EE in that the bulk of what I am eating is fruit and veg although I don't have to be so rigid about making a third of it superfree at one meal.

The weekly additional points suit my lifestyle as I like to have a drink at the weekend but can still have treats throughout the week without eating into syns

I also like having the choice between having a few convenience foods and cooking from scratch as I live alone and sometimes don't mind the odd ready meal with lots of veg to go with it.

There are quite a few on the SW board who have switched and seem to be enjoying it and getting results - I thought I would not last long and want to come back to SW but haven't so far.

maybe you should try it for a week and see how you get on?

I also agree tho that 32lb in 9 months is a nice steady loss but there's nothing more frustrating than sts week after week.

Good luck with whatever you decide :)

ps I have to say tho that the SW board is much more active and I always liked that - I'm still in a WI group on here though!
I think your weight loss so far is great! That's over a pound a week, they only aim for something like one and a half pounds. You're not massively obese either looking at your stats so you shouldnt really be expecting huge weight losses. I think you're pushing yourself too hard personally.

Endometriosis can have effects on weight too, yes.

I did go to WW for a while on the Pro Points plan but I felt lost, there was absolutely no guidance. You could semi-stuff yourself on chocolate and eat nothing else all day if you wanted and stick within your points and still feel starved. I dont think thats a healthy weight loss plan It didnt work for me and even while I was attending I started following the SW plan again. At least that gurantees me I eat some healthy stuff every day - protein, calcium, fibre. And then I can top up on yummy stuff if I want. I left WW and came back to SW after about 6 weeks.

And other people are right about the portion guidance, WW can't fix that, only we can do it ourselves. I have serious trouble eating pasta and potatoes so I limit myself now. Basically I just dont touch pasta at all now as I can eat tons of it and I cant eat it without pesto, so I've totally banished it from the house. Potatoes I limit myself to once a week, if that, as I cant control myself, (eg I have to have half, two thirds of a plate if Im ding SW chips). I can't stop myself so I plan ahead and make sure I have no more than one meal that week that has potatoes in it.

We're all different but personally I dont really think WW offers anything that SW doesnt.

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