Considering switching from Cambridge


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Hello All,

I have been doing Cambridge sole source/sole source plus for two weeks and am considering switching over to Slim and Save (sooo much cheaper!). I've just got my 28 sample pack and will be testing the flavours this coming week, I have a considerable number of Cambridge shakes left and will be replacing one of the S&S food packs with one of these (have checked nutritional info/carbs and they are similar). Has anyone else switched from Cambridge and/or mixed the plans, if so how do they compare and has your weight loss been affected?

Also slightly confused about the white and silver packs, are the white packs being phased out?


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Welcome! Thw white and silver packs are made by different manufacturers.


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i thought slim and save were just bringing out new packaging to show all the info on them, but that the product is the same. i didn't know they were a different manufacturer.

I sometimes mix and match Lighter Life and slim and save and it works well. just make sure your protein, carbs and calorie counts are similar.


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hi i switched to s&s from cambridge after 2 weeks mainly due to cost and i only really liked the shakes, i knew i couldn't continue on it with only having shakes, i love s&s there is not many packs i dislike, the meals make a difference you feel like you are actually eating and being able to have veg and protein meal is great, i am still losing weight, not dropping 7lbs a week anymore but a steady 3lbs on average, maybe 4 and to me that's still good, plus it's cheaper and i enjoy the packs so much more, it's not a chore it's just a way of life for me now ( for the next 10 weeks anyway)


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S: 14st10.0lb C: 10st4.5lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24 Loss: 4st5.5lb(29.85%)
Thanks all :) I started the packs last night, had the lemon bar and the dark choc trufa this morning which were okay, but the chilli this evening was amazing! Had it with mushrooms and cauliflower rice, quickly followed by the macaroni cheese and broccoli , which needs to be made with less water I think but was still great.

The meals will make a massive difference I'm sure, I normally have a sweet tooth, but seeing as the soups on Cambridge are so horrid I have been having unbearable cravings for savouriness, the option of having one or two of these meals a day is fabulous, very happy so far.


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Hiya - I'm doing a mixture of Lighter Life and Slim & Save for the evening meals - as their 'dinner' packs are AMAZING! Works fine for me, losing the same as I would on LL. Plus LL seems to be the most expensive on the market, my partner and I really just go for an 'official weigh in' and for the breakfast/lunch packs (porridge and soup - which I prefer).

I'm sure you'll be fine continuing mixing the two! Good luck with your journey :D