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constipation - sorry!


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I had the same problem on my 3rd week. Buy some senokot from boots, Its a natural fibre drink that my CDC told me to get. It works well. Its an orange fibre drink. It's £3.99 in boots.

One cup of this and from there on the release of the (you know what) is much easier - if you get my meaning!!! hahaha! :p


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Or try some psyllium husk, a calorie free fibre which is a gentle laxative that you can take every day.

Adds bulk to your soups and shakes too.


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I had the same troubles in week 3 and took dulcolax. Bear in mind that you are taking in hardly any "food" so there wont be much to come out the other end. If you feel like you need to go but cant then you should take a laxative of some description.
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I'm with Lee on this one ... psyllium husks are my favourite. They thicken the shakes / soups and add bulk to your diet as they absorb liquid. This then triggers the natural sensation to 'go'.

It's not a good idea to get too reliant on laxatives as they can make your bowels 'lazy'; better to prevent rather than cure.


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thanks everyone - hopefully i'll have some success in the next few days!


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Hi People,

I am having the opposite to the problem the poster described - every morning i have terrible cramps in my stomach and diahorea (sp?). It's pretty gross and i never had it when i was on Lipotrim. Does it ease up or what's the story?

All advise welcome!


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Brenda - I use the powder, looks a bit like coconut in texture.

Seems to dull the taste of the soups/shakes.

I use 1/2 teaspoon in shakes and 1 teaspoon in soups, keeps me regular as clockwork (not that there is much to come out !).

I generally have the following :-

Breakfast - shake

Lunch - soup

Evening - 790 meal and then a bar.

You may find that if you are on SS that you may have to adjust the amount you use.


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I use psyllium husks too ~ tried to follow the recipe where you add to certain flavoured shakes and it's a bit like porridge and ended up with a something akin to gooey slop :sign0137: but then took Lee's advice and started to add a couple of teaspoons to my morning shake (every other day only) and things haved :airquote: 'moved along nicely' ever since.

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