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Total Solution Constipation

I'd take dulcolax 2 off them little chuffers and ya sorted :) I tried senokot but they weren't strong enough just gave me stomach cramps and did nothing x


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Are they sugar free LVP123?


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i don't think if they are tiny the sugar coating would make any difference. Dulcolax are sweet tasting on the outside so i think they may be sugar coated too.

What is the active ingredient in them? If it's bisacodyl then it's the same thing as Dulcolax and is absolutely fine. I have to take this once a week because my bowels grind to a halt on exante.


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Forgot to add... it's really important more than ever to be hydrated when taking these kind of tablets. They mainly work by drawing water out of your body and into your bowels. Not talking large volumes unless you have a bad reaction, but, still something to watch out for and another reason to make sure you drink enough.
Yes they are bisacodyl so will take some now! Thank you very much. Yes I will be sure to keep hydrated =)
This is day 4 and already constipated!


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Take just 1 to start with if you haven't had them before... they can sometimes be ummm.... too effective. I found this out by accident ;).


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You could just drink a bucket load of green tea, I think that has the same effect :D
I have had them before so shouldn't be a problem. It says to take at bed time but feel too uncomfortable to wait - I'll just stay near a toilet later!
As for the green tea, bleurgh!


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I think I'm building up to this problem as well. I've not been for about 5 maybe 6 days now. :(

I have some Movicol, which I have never taken before. It contains citric acid, but I hope not enough to affect ketosis. I may have to use it tomorrow, but don't have any idea how many sachets to take. It says to take 3 per day for 2 weeks, but surely that is going to be extremely excessive for my situation.

Maybe I need to consider buying something else. :confused:


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Yeh be careful! Just try one. I don't know if this is the same for everyone, but i find my body reacts a lot more strongly when on a VLCD.

i know this is an oldish question but try psyllium husk. its an insoluble fibre that swells up like a gel on contact with water (so you gotta drink it quick) and it sweeps your digestive tract clean. any accumulated waste gets stuck to the gel and carried out and as its completely insoluble it shouldnt affect the diet one bit. you should always drink plenty of water when taking psyllium husk, but as that is a requirement of the diet anyway it shouldnt be a problem. also if you've never taken it before make sure you only take about a tblspn on first couple of days then increase slowly to no more than 3 tblspns a day. hope this helps.


please try again
how does the psyllium husk taste? It is kind of scary you have to drink it instead of popping a pill.
you can get it in capsules from hoand and barrets too, i used to use the capsules
I have the Holland and Barrett capsules... I was surprised to see on the label that it says you must take 4-6 capsules twice daily (with a minimum of 250ml of fluid, which means it's fine to have them with a shake or a soup). That is a lot of capsules. They didn't do anything previously when I was just taking 2, so I am upping to the 8 caps per day dosage and will see if that has a positive effect. :/

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