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Help i am always 'bunged up' for the want of a better term.

I drink loads of water a day and when not on cd i eat fruit and veg. i find the only thing that works are over the counter laxatives such as ducolax, but i dont like the aggressive way they work.

Can anyone suggest anything

I have tried phsyllium husks (kept forgetting to take them 1 hour before food) and powder was like wallpapaer paste and made me gag
Have you tried psyllium husks blended in with your soup, in with your shakes or made up as a porrige with some milkshake powder?

When I first tried PH I did it the way they said on the tub (mixed with water) and I too gagged... it was bliddy disgusting! Reminded me of pond slime - yuk!

But I tried to work around it and found that some added to my soup thickens it and I then eat it with a spoon out of a bowl and I have a couple of teaspoons in with my morning shake: some may not like the 'cereal-y' texture but I love it.
Alternatively, make it as a little serving of porrige with some of your shake. There are several ways of doing this ... a good person to ask would be Chicken on a mission as she has this particular PH recipe off to a tee!
I used to just put the PH in a little container, mix in a heaped teaspoon of shake powder then add a little water, letting it thicken into a porrige before eating it.

You can have it warm or cold .... just experiment a bit.

Another thing to try would be Fibre 89. It's a bulking agent like PH. It didn't work for me but I know some people swear but it.

Hope you find a solution soon - being bunged up is a misery!
Good luck!
Thanks debbie but i'm not on cd anymore due to illness is there anything else you can mix it ph with?

If you are following GI constipation really should go away, plenty of fruit, granary bread, brown rice and pasta, green veggies should get things moving.

I know you have stopped CD but check through yellow weightcare booklet it gives some great information.

Even though you have stop a VLCD, you must keep up the water for good health, hydration and this will help with constipation.

BTW what did your pharmacist say when you saw him?

I start by drinking a big glass of water and whilst preparing the porridge because Psyllium husks absort an obcene amount of water! :eek:

I combine the PH's in with my chosen shake in a bowl and then divide the mixture in half so I get another portion later :D

Then I add a little boiling water from the kettle to the bowl and mix with a fork. I keep adding water until I get the consistency I want and then leave it for a minute just to make sure that the PH's don't absorb any more of the water and add more water after this if required.

I don't add any sweeteners to any of my packs because I am taking the oportunity to try and retrain my tastebuds :)

I hope this helps.

BTW, some people might want to use less than 2 tsp or a little more because you don't want it to bung you up but I find 2 teaspoons are about right for me every day to keep things moving along. You must drink extra water if you take PH's.

You may want to get 1 teaspoon of PH's and add some hot water and keeping coming back to it and adding a bit more until it can't take anymore on. This way you will know exactly why you need to drink extra water because it is amazing stuff.

I got my whole PH's for my local independant health food store :)
What about adding a couple of teaspoons of slimfast shake (powder). One tin costs about £4.50 and would last AGES because it has 12 whole meals and you'd only be using a tiny bit each day.

As chicken says, different people need different amounts: I actually have 6 teapoons a day (2 in my morning shake and 4 in my soup). Other people need less. The good thing about PH is that it's totally natural so you can experiment to your heart's content without adversely affecting your body. In fact, research has shown that PH aborbs all sorts of 'yuk' from your bowels as it travels through so it gives your colon a thorough clean!

But I must stress again that you need to drink plenty of additional water if you take PH. :)
Hello, I find that a tablespoon of linseeds soaked overnight in a glass of water and drink it in the morning is good. it is tasteless and much easier to take than the psylium husks, by the way, psylium seeds are easier to take and almost as effective.
But maybe linseeds are not allowed on some diets, not sure about that.