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consultants putting on the pressure?


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I have had some big losses since starting SW and have lost a lot in a short time so far.
My C keeps pointing me out and using my losses as an example of what can be achieved if you stick to plan and eat lots etc etc... the usual C blurb... but I have had bad losses since christmas and I now feel like it's putting additional pressure on me to keep up with the huge losses...
I know he's not doing it on purpouse...
If I only lose 2-3lbs a week I feel like a failure, and last weeks STS nearly had me crying in disgust at myself and all because I had some krackawheat and some bacon over the weekend which I truly believe screwed up my losses...
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Hi Jack

I'm sorry you're feeling the way you are at the moment. You have done so very well so far and at some point you are bound to have off weeks and lower losses that what you've been used to. Although I'm new to posting on the board I have been observing for some time and even if you don't lose another pound (which you know will never happen!) you are truly inspirational!

Maybe a quiet word with your consultant would help the situation, he probably doesn't realise the pressure he has inadvertently put on you!

Good luck.


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last week I STS and several of the new members from the week before had 3, 4, 5 lb losses and he said to me during I.T. "You've got some competition for SOTW next week... "
I do quite regularly win SOTW but not every week..


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I just want to echo what dawnwynne has said, i've been lurking for a while and you have done brilliantly, and i'm sure you will continue to do so. Dont be dishearten because you're loses have slowed down (i know thats easier said than done) try to be happy with any loss or sts, and remember you're going in the right direction.

Could you have a word with your consultant and tell him how its making you feel?

Helen x


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Oh please don't get disheartened!!! It's taken me 3 weeks to lose 5lbs despite being 100%. Youre doing FABBY!!!!! Keep your chin up!!!! Great stuff. You don't need to put yourself under such pressure



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a lot of it was the lack of routine over x-mas and the few weeks I was unemployed..
I don't think I'm drinking enough..
before I was at a place where the kettle was only 12 steps away at most and it was small and informal so we had a cuppa every hour or so..
while I was off I was having a cuppa every 3-4 hours or a swig of pop every hour or so..
the new job is a lot bigger and very formal.. we're allowed bottles at the benches but no cups so it's a swig of pop every hour or so again..
A bottle lasts me 3 or more days so far....
I'm going to get a bottle for every day when I shop friday and make sure that I finish the whole bottle at work and have more tea / coffee at home...


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With the losses your getting, your still doing really well, but they have to slow down sometimes.

I'm STS almost every week despite sticking to plan, and itss really annoying me. Im really mixing it up this week.

One of my friends goes to class and she gets SOTW almost every week, and she's feeling the strain as girls in her group are *****ing about her.

Just have a word with him, he doesnt realise he's doing it, and saying it in Jest thinking your taking it that way x


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Just wanted to say congratulations on your losses so far and to agree that perhaps a little chat with your consultant might be in order here just so that he realises the effect his comments are having, after all if he doesn't know he can't change it.