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Contingencyplan's diary.

I'm through day 1 :)

Everything is going well so far! The package arrived on time (and discreetly packaged, so no funny looks from colleagues, haha).

I have tried the vanilla shake which I think is particularly nice, along with the chocolate orange bar and the veg soup. I have a method of getting the shake nice and un-lumpy using a fork and a sieve!

I hope day 2 goes as well, I'm going to the gym as usual but I'm going to take it relatively easy.
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Day 2

Day 2 is going OK, I've had a shake and a bar (which are both rather tasty). I dropped 6lbs overnight :)eek:) which I'm guessing is water weight! I am feeling a bit peckish now though, just having water water water!

Tonight will be my first trip to the gym, and I'll have one of my packs before I go. Would I be able to add another pack / snack when I get back if I'm hungry? generally I'm not when I get back, but just in case...?
Day 2 Part 2

Good luck too, Blue! Let me know how you're getting on :) And thank you for the advice Joanne!

I didn't need to have a snack / extra pack in the end. Today I walked to and from work (30 mins) and did 5 min rowing warmup, 15 mins walk/jog and 15 mins cycle with a full leg weight routine and I feel fine. I was hungry- but realised I was just dehydrated as I still had 1/2 bottle of water after spending 50 mins in the gym!

Day 3

Today I had a banana shake, which wasn't bad- it just didn't taste like much to me. Tonight I have a works outing to Nandos that has been in the planning for ages, so I have chosen to have a veggie burger with the side salad- it comes to just under 400 cals. So I'll still be within the calorie limit, but unfortunately I'll have to wait a bit longer for Ketosis... but it saves all the explaining of not going / not eating.

I'll also be gymming it up tomorrow to make up for it! :D
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Day 4

Today has been good so far - Thai Chicken soup (didn't really taste like much) split in 2 so I could have it in a mug. Then I had a chocolate orange bar (yum!) and later I will have a strawberry shake (not tried this flavour yet- vanilla is still winning) after gyming it up. Going to be 100% today after the planned 'off-plan' dinner yesterday. At the gym today it will be 40 mins of cardio and an arms session if all goes to plan! :)
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Welcome - sounds like you're doing a grand job. Week 1 weigh in will be here before you know it

Day 6

I have decided not to do the Total Solution all the time anymore as I'm working out far too much... Last night I had a funny turn at the gym! :(

I'm going to switch to the working solution, just so I can actually work out! I still think the losses will be good still, maybe just not as fast :)

I will keep you updated on how I'm doing- I had a peek this morning and I'm 11lbs down so far... :D
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Well done what a fantastic week 1 you must be really proud of yourself keep up the good work.
Day 0 (Part 2)

Lots of things seem to have taken over my life since I wrote all of this, a lot has happened that turned me upside down! I have successfully maintained that amazing week 1 loss though.

So I’m back. I was inspired by coming across two boxes of soups and shakes in my spare room! I have enough for a couple of weeks I think (off to count it in a few!) Starting tomorrow I hope (I need to be in the right frame of mind, I need my determined hat on)! I look forward to conversing with you all again (and losing all of this excess jiggle…) :)
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Hi CP :D

That is fantastic that you have maintained your original weighloss all this time !! :D

How much exercise do you do at the gym ?
Once or twice, when I initially started, I did feel a little light headed, which did pass...water seemed to help.
But then, I am only aiming for 30mins exercise a day. Some days I do a bit more, some days, none :eek:

I think if you are spending quite a bit of time at the gym, then 4 packs TS may be your answer.

I do mix and match between TS and WS, depending what is going on in my life.

Good luck
Day 1 (again, haha)

Thanks Marge! :D

I do about 45 mins cardio + weights about 3 times a week. Plus EA Sports Active 2 on the Wii on non gym days. Oh and I walk to and from work! Until I'm used to the diet I think I'll cut down on the cardio and focus on building muscle - then incorporate cardio as I feel up to it.

So as a clean start today, it's day 1 again. The last day 1 will ever see if all goes to plan:p
Day 1 - Eek

I'm really motivated and in a better frame of mind today! :D Yipiee.

I think it's partly because my friend just told me she's got engaged (eeeee!) and I don't want to look like a whale at her wedding! :eek:It's not going to be until next year, but it's still a along term goal to aim for. And my 2nd bumper pack arrived today, so I have plenty of supplies to do this!

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