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Contraception without gain!!

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Hey ladies, i need some advice!
I have been on the pill for about 4 years now but for the past few months ive been really forgetful! Havnt taken it for days at a time and as a result ive had extra periods. Me and oh have recently had a pregnancy scare and realised we are not ready (financially)
A friend of mine went on the injection but ballooned out and has gained well in excess of 5 stone.
I was wondering if any one could recommend a good contraceptive that doesnt make you gain weight!!! Xx
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Cerazette is good but is only a mini pill! It stops ur periods too which is good! I've been on it 18 months and had no probs although diff ones suit diff people! I too had the injection and ballooned but again everyone is diff!x
I was on depo injection for years - it was not the reason for me gaining weight - that was far more to do with what i ate & how little exerciae i did. It was brilliant - no
Periods, significantly reduced pmt. I came off it as there is a risk of osteoporosis after prolongued (eg 10 yrs +) use. I also lost 2.5st whilst on it. I have now had the implant fitted - it lasts 3 years, which is perfect as i can stop worrying about it completely, and so far, no problems, or any difference in my weight loss.
I'm on Ovranette & I've had no weight gain as a result of it.

The thing with contraception is, everyone will react differently to it. So although I've never gained weight on the Pill, it is still listed as a side effect, so someone else will. There's no knowing until you take the plunge.

I'd recommend talking to your GP, telling him/her your concerns regarding weight gain & they will be able to offer you the best option. x
Im on Cilest contraceptive pill. I have been on it for 6 years, came off when we started to try for our little girl :) and have just gone back on it and i have never gained weight from being on it.


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Why not try the Mirena coil, I've not heard of any weight gain side effects, but it's reversible as soon as it's removed I believe.

I've had my baby house demolished now, but have never been able to use any contraception involving synthetic hormones as my body simply does not like them!

Also wanted to add that depending on your age Depo is not always a good idea, Dort's been on it for three years and the doctor has told her she should have only been taking it for a max on one year as at her age (she's now almost 20) it can cause bone density problems!
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I used the coil and didnt gain anything but im the same and cannot use anything with hormones

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I've used the implant for the last 18 years. This wasn't the reason for my weight gain.

My daughter also has the implant, she too is forgetful & knows she doesn't want children just yet.

The implant for me is brill, I can forget about contraception for 3 years & no periods.:D
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I use the coil and have no weight gain where with the pill, implant and injection i found i put on weight with them all xxx
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I'm on the implant, and I have to say it was the best decision I ever made! 3 years protection, no periods at all, no side effects, no cramping, no weight gain. It's been a dream. :D
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I used cerazette same as blonde8 for about 8 months, gained a stone and my periods ended up lasting for 20 days with a 10 day gap in between. Complete nightmare. I'm now back on the normal type of pill, but struggled with weight gain before starting sw.
Ive been on Cerazette for a few months now. As i was taken off the combined pill for being too over weight at 13 stone 8 :/ i was a bit worried as you cannot control your periods on it but they have been very light and hardly and cramps as for the weight gain i cant say i put any weight on with it. Ive been on WW for 6 weeks now and lost a stone hoping i can be moved back over to the combined pill.


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I'm on Noriday- due to my history of DVT and I haven't noticed any gain due to it. Though, I wouldn't recommend it, as there's only a 3 hour window to take the pill, so if you forget it you only have three hours or it's no longer effective!

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