Control Issues - Feeding other people


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Just fancy a bit of a ramble so feel free to ignore me.

Anyway since being on a VLCD I have really rediscovered my love of cooking (for my hubby)

I have cooked so many meals from scratched and even made bread, pizzas and meringues from scratch.
To be honest I love the feeling of control cooking nice meals gives me and the actual physical elements of all the chopping and stuff.
I also love cooking delicious meals for over people now and watching them eat them. I savour the looks on their faces etc.
Now I am sure when I begin eating again this will disappear because I am an incredibly fussy eater and so hubby will be back to fairly plain food with me (too fiddly to cook two meals) I have to say I am definitley not looking forward to this element of reaching the end of my diet.
Any way sorry for the ramble just feeling chatty tonight
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I know exactly what you mean! I to get obsessed with cooking and baking and reading my collection of cookery books..... My Dh calls it my food porn!!!


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LOL I keep watching food programmes. I have cooked a lot more since I have been on LL - the takeaways and meals out being replaced by home cooked versions. I'm not sure what will happen after I finish, I hope to continue but with a more organic/GI type menu.


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I thought it was just me that did that! I love to cook for other people when I'm ssing.. when I'm eating however, I don't like cooking as much! I just like quick food.. anything that I can stick in the microwave and scuff asap!!.. pretty bad :(


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My hubby has put on about 2 and a half stone - some of it from my last stint doing SS, but a lot from me doing Paul McKenna. Definitely have 'feeding' issues :eek: