I have been so disapointed in my failings over last few days... Sun & Mon have been terible.. I have really let myself down!!! I had a small child size meal on sunday and then gave in again to temptation yesterday to a packet of crisps. I have voices in my head saying 'go on one won't hurt'... it was these voices that got me to a size 18... so why did i give in? It's more about been in controll, why am i able to be strong in some aspects of my life and yet so week in others. I don't think it matters what diet/eating plan we follow, it's all about what self controll we have. Like someone said in another thread, it's almost like self harm that we do to ourselves, we know it's bad for us but the euphoric feeling we get for that short period while we eat seems to be worth the depression and tourment we put ourselves through after... So why do we do it!!? It's like an addiction, but drug users, alcoholics ect.. can fully abstain from these things in their life ( although i'm sure not easy) but we can not abstain from food forever, we can do CD SS 100% for weeks but at some point we must bring food back in. So how do we gain that self controll to be strong enough to make the decisions about what we put in our mouths, without falling back into old habits. Will the voices say one won't hurt return.... I hope that as the weeks go on that i find the inner voice that tells the other voice to p**s off lol!!! I need to get it into my head that i am strong enough to turn down food!
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i'm sure you will find your strong head again if you really want to see the back of this diet game :)


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I got up to a size 18 too, and i have exactly the same attitude to food as you, so i sympathise completely. I see food as a 'treat', i think erasing that way of thinking is half the battle - i dont know if i ever will. I love, love, love nice food and wine. I have managed to keep going with decent willpower by thinking along the lines that this diet is just a few weeks/months out of my WHOLE life. A few weeks and then I will look in the mirror and actually like what i see, a few weeks and I will have achieved something fantastic ... just a few weeks! I look at the diet as medicine, I have a problem and i'm taking medicine for it!! It wont be forever.
I have cheated a few times, but never ever with carbs .. it's just not worth it. Of course I dont advocate cheating but lets be realistic, sometimes its an overwhelming urge. I had a chicken salad and i've had some tandoori chicken. Neither of which had much effect on my diet and i didnt feel guilty or deprived. Just dont reach for the carbs next time!!!
Keep with it :D
Thanks Millij, i am glugging away like a good one today, trying to put my body back into ketosis, water water every where lol!!!