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Conventional woman i am not,but i will find a weight loss plan that suits my needs !!


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Hi Roch,

I think all of us have regrets about how fat we have got and the way I look at it is that we have times in our life when it has been tough beyond words and we coped and got through those rough times the best we knew how and with the information and where-with-all that was available to us.

Beating ourselves up now is just another distraction from getting down to facing the problem head on and I do believe there is a time for everything and that time is now to take back our lives and make the most of what we have got.

I know myself my head was in the right place last year when I started out and then I lost the plot around April and found it difficult to get back on track again.

I could of hid away as I wanted to do and crawl back into my shell, but I knew if I did that I may never come back out again. Letting the light shine on us lets us grow and we will get to gaol.

My head feels it is back in the right place again...this time I am not comparing myself to anyone as this is what lead to failure the last time. We all lose weight at our pace and that is it.

We all have good days and bad days and it is to get through the day and look over it in bed and know you have one more day under your belt and it does feel so good and you do feel you have achieved something that is positive and that your helping yourself to better health.

Love Mini xxx
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Minimins gal x
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Mini,mini,mini what can i say your messages are so special i could not think of any one else but u to be the founder of this site,u r one special woman xxx

Well i thought to myself that i was going to eat one last bit of food b4 my 12.00 cut off time tonight and i totally forgot that it was practically 11.57 as i was so busy posting on this site,but being the pig i am i raced to the kitchen to have my last bit of food and i chose a muller corner yoghurt with chocky penguin bits in it,and was starting eating it at 11.58 determined to finsih it as soon as the clock on the tv changed to 12,well i took one mouthfull and the whole yoghurt dropped down my clothes and i sat there laughing my head off and i said to myself out loud "Roch u were not meant to have that" its sods law,and there was no way i was going to go and get another yoghurt as it was 12.02 b4 i had finished spooning it off my clothes,and if i had eaten after 12.oo i would of felt i had cheated already and that was no going to happen.
So thats it food wise for me,from now on the only food that is going to pass my lips with have cambridge written on the front of the pack.

Well i am shattered,so its off to bed i go,catch u all later on today.
Night night hope u all sleep well xxx


I can do this

Roch You have done so well already. We all get knocked done the hardest thing is getting back up and to keep on fighting. I'm starting ss again on Monday after my mad Hen weekend. I bought a card today to stick on my kitchen cupboard it says:

What lies behind us
What lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to
what lies
within us

We can crack this, will be thinking of you. xx


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Morning Dee,how are you doing,thanks for the message,hope u have a nice hen weekend xx

Well day 1 is back here again for me and this is the last time i dont want to ever have to be here again emotionally or phyisically.
I know these first few days are going to be hard for me and espcecially as all the last attempts i have had ssing have never got past day 3 or sometimes day 1,but for what ever reason i am not going to be here again.
I was thinking how i feel emotionally do i feel strong or weak today well i think if i am to be honest i think i feel a bit vulnerable.
Well got loads to do so have to carry on,cant sit here typing away like i did last night,it got to a time where i was the only person on the site,just b4 1.45 am,what a sad life i have LOL
Catch u all later,have a good day xxx


The Diet Guy
Morning Roch!!

Just wanted to say Hi!!

Better get on as got loads to do today



Hi Roch,

Just wanted to say hi and that I'm thinking of you and sending you tons of good vibes for your first few days!

I have to admit, I had to LOL about you muller yogurt story: I guess it's because that could so have happened to me too! Oh well, what's meant to be is meant to be! (I'm a strong believer in this)

Hope today isn't too bad, and that you do well over the bank holiday weekend!

I'll check in with you on Tuesday. xxx.


Hiya honey

just wanted to wish ya all the best and hope you are having a nice day so far!!! remember never have a day one again, even if you slip just pick ur cambridge packs up and carry on!!!

ur doing brill girl


Gen xx


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Hey Roch!! I hope your first day is going well.. keep going strong :)


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Hoping today is going well for you. Your first post really touched me. I hope you find the strength to succeed on your journey.
Small steps = big results :)


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S: 17st13lb C: 18st3lb G: 11st3lb Loss: -0st4lb(-1.59%)
You can do this

Hi Roch,

Make sure your drinking your water as it does help and your right to take yourself off to bed as it is tough going through withdrawal.

You probably need your sleep after being up late last night.

Love your story about the yogurt, could not stop laughing.

Sending positive vibes and loads of love and hugs.

Love Mini xxx


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Hi Mini,thanks for the message,well i am seriously pi--ed off had 2 tetras and was doing good went to sleep for a bit but was not feeling hundred percent,then decided to make a mouse with my tetra and wa just making it when my best friend rang and i told her i was back ssing today and she said well done for getting back on,then she said to me when did u go and see your cdc i told her i have not been back to her for ages as i had at least 7 days worth of tetras and her reply was u dont mean the ones in the hall cupboard of course u said yes and she said "dont have them the dayt went off 6 weeks ago and ahe forgot to throw them out when she sorted out my cupboard.
So i cant see my cdc till monday as she only does set times,so i am seriously annoyed especially as i got myself all emotionally ready for today.
So i will do 790 between now and monday,there is nothing else i can do.
Not in a good mood so will maybe log on later,thanks xxx


Got a life thank you!
Hi Roch

I wanted to wish you the very best of luck for SSing, it isn't an easy journey but I truly believe the hardest part is getting through those first few days.

Having said that, I am a huge emotional eater and I do struggle with wanting to console myself with food and this has been a real battle all the way through. I am not saying this to make you down, I want you to know that whilst it has been a battle (and a big one at that) it is a battle that I am generally winning bit by bit, minute by minute, day by day. OK there have been a few slips but I honestly think they key to success is putting a line under any slips and not letting it be the end of the diet.

The crux of this so far for me has been the session we have done on "crooked thinking" - that is the thought process behind any slips - for example, in the past if I would have "cheated", I would have said to myself "oh well I have ruined today now I may as well make the most of it and eat more as I can start again tomorrow". Of course the next day it was a case of "oh to hell with it, this is a ruined week and I may as well start again after I get weighed" but then I would just "eat on weigh in night because I have plenty of time to loose it" and so it would go on.

Now, if I do blip (and I haven't done now in two weeks) I draw a line underneath it and don't let it ruin my day, week or diet!

Tackling this crooked thinking has directly lead me to a loss of 5lbs this week and that is a huge achievement for me as I so often lose the plot.

Good luck, you know we are all here and don't worry too much about doing 790 over the weekend, it is probably a good introduction into SSing whilst you get used to it again.


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Agree with everything Flopster has said.

I can imagine how frustrated and disappointed you are as you got yourself all geared up but hold onto that thought and carry it through to next week.

You can do this. :)


Minimins gal x
S: 27st2lb C: 25st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st0lb(7.37%)
Thanks flopster and helen for you kind messgaes of support.
Well i was so angry and frustrated yesterday at one point i had decided that although the tetras had expired at the begining of july that i would still carry on taking them as i had had 2 already and no side effects that i knew of,but my friend talked me out of it and said i was being stupid and stubborn and i could end up with a bad tummy and especialy as i have colitus(inflamation of the colon) i should not risk it as if i get a bad case of colitus i could easily end up in hospital on a drip,so i took her advice and started 790 yesterday evening,could not find my sclaes to weigh the food but had a small skinless chicken breast and a handfull of salad.
Monday morning i will be the first person there to get my packs,was trying to figure out when i got my tetras and i think they were a bag full i got around 4/5 months ago and i just put them in the cupboard and forgot about them till the cupboard got sorted out then i thought thats good dont have to fork out till next week.
Anyway cant carry on being annoyed,allm i can do is restart monday but i was all geared up and ready to go why did this happen to me when i finally felt strong enough to start ssing.
Anyway got load of paperwork to do,hope u all have a good day, chat later xx


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By not letting these things over the last day proves that you CAN do this;) .

Just look forwards and not back, leave all those nasty demons behind. Monday is the new Roch !!!!! Cant wait to see her.


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Ah roch,
sorry to read about your lil setback, 790 is still classed as a vlcd as it's under 800 cals.... So all is not lost...

Good luck to you :D