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Cookbook Addicts!

My name is Claire and I'm a cookbook addict!

I have had to buy new shelves to house all my books (not just cook books, I'm studying for my English Degree part time!) so I have a fair few. My other half is also cooking mad and has a fair few books.

Anyway, I thought I would start a thread about recipes we'd tried and what we thought of them - I have TONS of WW cookbooks...

Tonight we are having Delia's "Slimmers Wild Mushroom Risotto" for 6.5 points - it smells good!

I will come back and let you know how it tastes.

So, if you have a cooking query or want to post about cookbooks or recipes that would be brilliant. Happy cooking!

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Hello from another book collector, I am feeling good today because I managed to find four of the older ww cookbooks, (including Good Food Fast and Low Point Mediterranean Cooking) in a charity shop today for 50p each.
Can't wait to sit down for a good read, just as much fun as trying out the recipes.
Hope the risotto was good, sadly mine are always too wet however carefully I measure the liquid :(
:read:Hello fellow addicts

I too have an ever growing collection of cookbooks - I like to bring them back from holiday, buy them online & I'm always looking in the charity shops! In fact I decided to try following WW because I found the 'time to eat' cookbook in oxfam! So far I have collected The 'time to eat' cookbook, 'summer sizzlers', 'food for life', 'just for me', 'fabulous & filling' and 'cook smart baking' as well as several back issues of ww magazine & your week.
I usually do the cooking so have been experimenting with lots of WW recipes. This week I mainly used the recipes from the september WW magazine - I made the pork, chorizo & bean stew tonight - it was yummy (especially after I added a bit of smoked paprika to the recipe)

VWBeetleGirl - I hope the risotto was good - I made one the other day with butternut squash & red pepper (v tasty & filling)

pollyg - well done on your 'find' - I may have to go on another search tomorrow. I find the trick with risotto is to have a medium to low heat then add the liquid only a little bit at a time, waiting until it has been absorbed before adding any more - it needs a lot of watching but it does work :)
Hiya! Wow, there are some WW books in there I've not heard of, excellent! I like a bargain too and have noticed you can sometimes find them on the 3 for 2 in WH Smith and in Tesco.

The risotto took a lot longer than Delia said and was a little sweet for me but the OH liked it as apparently it didn't taste diet!

Not sure what we'll cook tonight but am toying with the idea if the Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf from Fabulous & Filling!

Happy cooking!

I also LOVE cook books and new recipes in general. As well as having tons of books, I have 100's of pages bookmarks on my computer of new recipes to try out. I am also making my own cookbook. You can buy the folders in places like M&S and they have recipe cards in them that you can write you own stuff in. When I make something new up, I put it in. Or if I adapt a recipe I have found to make it my own, I put it in there too. Or sometimes I just put my fav recipes from other chefs in. :)
Me too, Vegetarian! On my phone I even have a page bookmarked for a jam recipe. Jam is my new obsession, I got a text from my friend the other day saying that she is never buying supermarket marmalade again and that I have to make it all from now on! Was really pleased with that!
A low point jam recipe would be fab as I always make my own raspberry/redcurrant & blackberry jam with fruit from the garden. I am also expecting a bumper crop of chillis so any low point jam/chutney recipes would also be much appreciated

Had a successful charity shop trip today - got 'eating out at home' & 'around the world in 65 recipes' for £3. :woohoo:

Vegetarian - I also collect my own recipes, I normally either print them out & put in a folder or write them in a notebook. but will keep my eye out for a recipe folder (A3 size preferably) I nearly always adapt recipes whether it be adding more veg, herbs, spices, etc. unfortunately I never write down my adaptations - much to the annoyance of my mum when she asks me how I cooked a particular dish :eek: really must start doing that.

I am not cooking anything too exciting tonight just a spicy vegetable pasta dish - I have to save points as I am eating out twice this weekend.

P.S. The meatloaf recipe looks yummy may have to make that this week - I am going to plan my menus tonight for tomorrows weekly shop.

P.P.S. Didn't think to look in WH Smith - may have to make a trip there next week or are the offers online as well?
Never fear! My dad is a diabetic and I am trying to wangle the diabetic jam recipes (he's a jam monster) from my Mum's stash as they are low sugar! I've been making lardy jam recently as trying to get 'British' Christmas pressies started for the other half's relatives that live abroad - he's Danish and his family live in Singapore / Japan / Australia / Denmark etc. We're seeing them all at Christmas so hopefully they'll like all the jams!

Wow - just did a quick google on Diabetic Jams and Reduced Sugar Jams and there are lots to try. I will have a go at one with my next batch and let you know the outcome.
P.S. The meatloaf recipe looks yummy may have to make that this week - I am going to plan my menus tonight for tomorrows weekly shop.

P.P.S. Didn't think to look in WH Smith - may have to make a trip there next week or are the offers online as well?
Hi Sooshine!

I thought the meatloaf was great - I made it last week and froze a batch so am hoping it's still good and has frozen alright...

Turns out we're not having that tonight though, we're having bolognese from the Fast Start booklet at the request of the OH.

I've not been on the WH Smith website but would have thought they had similar offers on cookbooks, I have definitely seen 'Healthy Parent, Healthy Child' amongst others in store though so they are definitely quite up to date.
Made the Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf tonight & it was v yummy :eating:(I also froze half uncooked)
WHSmith doesn't seem to have many offers online at the mo - will keep checking though :)
Yay! Glad you enjoyed it - I did too!

The spag bolognese was nice, if a bit skimpy on the pasta and nowhere near as nice as the lasagne from the 'Cook, Eat, Enjoy' book. I'm a bit of a lasagne monster - I love it!
VWBeetleGirl, would be interested to hear how your jam recipes turn out. My mum loves jam but has stopped making her own as you have to put so much sugar in it. I don't like jam, the only one I like is the grape jelly you get in the US, but I haven't seen it in the UK, well apart from a website stocking american foods but by the time you paid postage it cost the earth, and I don't like it that much!
Hey all! We just had the crispy garlic chicken from the Fabulous & Filling book - just like a low fat Kiev and very tasty indeed. An absolute bargain at 3.5 points too!

I like me cookbooks! Most of mine come from EBay, I never thought to look in charity shops, will have to have a gander this week!

Having had a WW Blip for the past few months, cooking wise, I am really looking forward to getting stuck in to more cooking and will report back any good finds :D!
oh i got a new one to me just for me! looking forward to tucking in to some them looks good and i have 2 more on way think i may just be a cookbook addict too!
made spag bog tonight was yum 2nd time in a week hense nee more cookbooks lol the cheesy turkey meatloaf sounds mmmmm!
Lamb penne thing was A-mazing! I did tweak it a bit with a few more herbs and spices but it filled a Greek flavoured hole that usually only a dirty great full fat moussaka can fix. Will definitely have it again!

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