Coping with the Weekend ?


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Hiya Tubby

i was exactly like you last weekend, and I posted on here for ideas, got no replies though.

have you got kids/dog?

I usually sat in the village club drinking wine while hubby played footie, then met him afterwards, got takeaway and chilled in front of telly with more wine.

This weekend I am going to clean house, do all those jobs I have been meaning to do, take dog for a long walk, if it's not raining go out on bike with daughter and after all that I will probably sleep.

Do you like excersise?:confused:


I have a 4 year old daughter done most of the house work in the last few days (day 3) excersise I need a big push to get motivated I am a single mum so its hard cause its just me and the TV when my Daughter goes to bed......



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Well Its Friday day 3 for me and normaly looking forward to good few glasses of my fav wine and watching the soaps but I am not looking forward to anything I must admit wine/food is likely the main cause of my obese state.

What do you all do at the weekend's specialy the evenings?

apart from having a bath?


When I was on SS, I would normally go for long walks and go window shopping and then fantasise about all the clothes I could get when I got to my desired goal. Also I started reading loads of books just to take up time and also braid my siblings hair


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dreading it too

Its the whole structure thing that we really on during abstaining. As there's no structure to the day we feel vunerable. I'm dreading the weekend too, specially as the weather has been so awful. I keep threatening to get my bike out the shed but fear I will be blown into oblivion like somethin out of The Wizard of Oz :D :D :D ....

I've got no money either - so my choices are even more limited. Looks like it'll be washing & ironing - :mad: :mad: :mad:

I need to keep occupied xxx


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Clucks on a bike ride

Weekends can be the most difficult time tubby - you have to really get your gritty determination hat on to break old habits. Not easy but there's no alternative. It's the old habits that got us where we are and if keep on doing what we did, we'll always get what we always got (fat bottoms!)​

What about trying your hand at some new skills? Scrapbooking for all your old photos stuck in drawers (very addictive activity once you get going!), card making, knitting, cross stitch, playing a keyboard ... and maybe some outdoor stuff if the weather permits - walking, cycling, rollerblading (OK - that one's a bit extreme!).​

It's just a matter of changing our associations - we've become 'conditioned' to doing a certain thing at a certain time - now we have to change that. Good luck!​


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Hi Tubby, I'm a single mum too so know wat you mean about literally being stuck with the tv for company!!

I will spend a lot of time on this site over the weekends (and every other evening!!) and generally try to pamper myself a bit when mini me eventually goes to sleep, like by giving myself a manicure, a mini facial or something like that. It is hard, but there is the arcade on here as well which is totally addictive!!

On sat mornings we are quite busy and usually go see friends in the afternoon and then when we come home its chill out time with a book, some music or a game.....not exactly thrilling but it beats doing nothing!


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During my first month on LL I couldn't face going out if others were eating/drinking.
So I used to chill sparkling water and then drink it from a wine glass ;) whilst watching TV and knitting! LOL

I think I knitted 3 jumpers in about 5 weeks!

I still find it incredibly hard to sit around when people are getting drunk and I'm supping water - but it won't be for ever :)

Good luck, keep posting to keep busy and pamper yourself

Kitty xxx


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So I used to chill sparkling water and then drink it from a wine glass ;)

Hmmm - maybe LL and CD should bring out 'wine water-flavouring'. It'd get my vote!


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I'm gonna go techy

I'm going to spend weekend on PC - learning how to use it properly really.
I'm going to take photo's of the kids and download them.
I can't afford any photo paper at the mo :( so can't print them.
I'm def getting bikes out if weather ok on Sat OR I'll go into town for a mooch. :cool:
I'm also doing the weeks ironing :D :D I shall be setting my Skyplus to record things that I can watch at the same time...

Cooooooo what a rock & roll life :eek: :eek:


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My hubby has just gone away to work for a month after having about 6 weeks at home so this weekend will be hard for me too!

I know when he leaves I always struggle for a few days and with it being the weekend too.... I have a little girl who is 2 so we are a little restricted too.

We are going to visit a Hannah's great grandma tomorrow, and going to have a play time with some pals on Sunday but its 7pm onwards thats the struggle. hannah asleep, and no one to see me raking in the fridge.

In the beginning I did a lot of jigsaws to keep me occupied in the evenings so I am doing that again! not too exciting I know but if it keeps me on the straight and narrow!

I like to read too and browse online trying to decide on my new hairdo and wardrobe once I get my weight off.

Also I sometimes browse through the success stories on the Lighterlife website, they are great for reminding me why I need to stay out the fridge!