Total Solution Samprand's Attacking The Fat - And This Time It's Serious!

Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by Samprand, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Ok so this is probably the 5th or 6th diary I've started lol But here I am anyway. Starting weight is 19st, hoping to lose (overall) 10st to reach 9st for the first time ever in my adult life.

    There are lots of reasons why I want to lose weight which most of you will probably easily be able to identify with, but for me my weight is getting to the stage where it's dangerous. I've always been a bit chubby but between meeting my partner in January 2009 until now I've packed on 6 stone, that's almost as much as some people weigh. I have arthritis in my knee which obviously isn't made any better by being obese, so I will be taking up swimming and using the new exercise bike I have bought. The only thing stopping me exercise-wise at the moment is the fact that I broke my foot just before Christmas, so as you can imagine it's difficult to do any worthwhile exercise that doesn't cause pain and swelling. BUT I'm able to get around a lot easier now so things are improving on that front, I'm moving around the home more and doing more bits of housework.

    Since I injured my foot I've pretty much just been sitting around the whole time because I haven't been able to do much, which I know most people would probably assume I'd love since I'm so big. But the truth is that not being able to just get up and do what I want to do is awful and has been doing my head in! And it's made me appreciate how much I take my mobility and health for granted. So unless I want to get bigger and bigger to the point where I am literally not able to move around, I need to make some major changes to my life.

    And it starts now :D

    I want to get to a stage where I'm physically much more healthy and able to think about perhaps starting a family (currently impossible due to my PCOS, which is exacerbated by weight - like most things lol). I did a charity walk last year and really enjoyed it, and would love to do more fundraising when I'm more healthy. Hiking, maybe some cycling, perhaps even short triathlons at some point. It's strange to think that I might be able to do that sort of thing, and even stranger that it could happen relatively soon. Exercise and using Exante will be my weapons of choice to get me to that stage :)

    So far today I've had a big mug of coffee, some Tesco Coke Xero, a litre of water, half a bar and a pasta carbonara. Looking forward to having a chocolate shake with the other half of my bar in a little while, and will make sure I have another litre of water. Evenings are the time when I'm most likely to give up and scoff everything in sight so I'm going to try to keep my packs for later in the day but will try to start to space them out better throughout the whole day.

    So. Day 1, pretty much done and dusted :flirt2:
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  3. vee67

    vee67 Full Member

    Well done Samprand - I'm back (again!) as well - I'm sick of returning so it's this time or bust!

    Gonna keep an eye on you - I'm 1 day ahead of you and a similar size so let's do this!
  4. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi Samprand. I'll be keeping an eye on you too. Good luck. I really hope you do well this time.
  5. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Hi ladies - yes keep an eye on me, keep me accountable lol how are you finding it vee? Lynne you must have got used to me popping up and disappearing again! I'll be good this time :D
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  6. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Yes, make sure you stay this time!
  7. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    I will I promise lol x
  8. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

    Good luck Sam :)

    I'm going to exercise too and hope to get fit for a sprint triathlon. Just need to get weight down good bit. Going to set up bike on turbo trainer to cycle while I watch TV!

    Hope ur winning!
  9. vee67

    vee67 Full Member

    Hiya - feeling on top of it at moment - but this is about my 4th restart - so I know it's dangerous to get complacent and it's not an easy path to follow doing this - just really determined/desperate to stay focused this time!

    we can and will get through week 1!
  10. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hey Samprand - How has it gone today?
  11. vee67

    vee67 Full Member

    Boo - where are you?
  12. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Ohh a fellow future-triathlete lol :D I hope you don't mind me asking but how much would you like to lose before you reach that point? How are you getting on?

    I've had hundreds of restarts, think I need one now lol Getting through the first week gets us past the hardest part but it can be so hard to do. How are you finding it?

    In all honesty I've been struggling (shocking I know! lol) and have had numerous 'blips'. I seem to feel constantly hungry no matter how much I drink, and the thoughts of food randomly come to me and I find it almost impossible to shake them off. This was so much easier first time round :(
  13. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    That was good timing lol x
  14. vee67

    vee67 Full Member

    Ha ha!

    i think first time round is easier - you're all hyped up and have no idea what's coming - then second and third time you know exactly what is coming and how hard it is and how easy it is to get distracted.

    just get head down and grin and bear today - shower and bed which is exactly what I'm going to do - if I can ever get in the bathroom - bloody teenage girls!!
  15. Trying hard 2014

    Trying hard 2014 Gold Member

  16. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Going well so far today, kept myself busy and had a nap to pass some time lol Had a quick spurt on my exercise bike, did 5k but the seat hurts my bum a bit lol Will do some more scooting on it in a little while.

    I totally agree about why it's easier first time round lol It's stupid, if I were someone else and there was a 19st person who was saying they seriously wanted to lose weight and couldn't make it through ONE DAY I'd probably just think you can't want it as much as you think you do and need to refocus, but I feel like I really do want to lose weight so why can't I just get on with it. First time round I just bulldozed straight on through, I was 100% on track (with the odd piece of low carb protein when I felt a bit iffy), and I got the loss I wanted which I know will happen this time if I just get on with it. It's frustrating to be me sometimes lol

    Ha bathroom wars! Hope the teenagers are being kind to you! x

  17. chris8391

    chris8391 Full Member

    Hi there and good luck, now triathlon there is a plan. I might make that a challange for later in the year myself.
  18. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Thank you Chris, good luck to you too. Maybe we should all do the triathlon together :D
  19. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    Finally made it through Day 1!!!! Ohhh Emmm Geeee lol Wasn't as much of a challenge as it has been previously, in fact I actually felt full when I went to bed last night thanks to all the water I was guzzling.

    Ordered a box of meal packs from Exante which arrived today, had the shepherd's pie for lunch and it was surprisingly nice, tasted like a "normal" shepherd's pie that had been mixed up and was thick and creamy, and actually filled up the majority of a bowl so it felt as though I was having a proper meal.

    I know I shouldn't weigh every day but thought I would this morning, and despite my scales being electronic they kept giving me different readings, from 18st 13lbs to 19st 3lbs. In the end I weighed myself on my mechanical scales instead and they read 18st 7lbs, so I think to clarify future weigh-ins I will use the mechanical scales and add 7lbs to whatever they say as I know I must still be around 19st.

    Will keep busy today and will hobble around getting some housework done. I'm also going to be looking at charity fundraising events for later in the year - should keep me motivated :)

    Hope everyone's doing ok x
  20. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    I samprand. I've just restarted too. I remember we were both struggling about the same time last year. I so agree about how it gets harder with the restarts. Anyway you have made it through the fist day so that's a good start. I'm on day 6 & although the loss is not as much as I would have liked I will definitely stick with it this time. Never been a big 1st week loser anyway. This time however I have been coming on to the forum every day & it definitely has helped me keep on track. I think sometimes when its not going good or If we have had a bad day we feel like with have lost the battle, afraid to admit on here & then give up. This time everyone is going to get a warts & all history of my day in the hope it will keep me on track. So hope it works out for you this time Samprand. Stay focused & come on here if you feel you are about to waver.
  21. Samprand

    Samprand WILL do it!

    It's definitely harder after the first bash. Well done on getting to day 6! If the numbers aren't what you wanted, you could look for other differences instead, like do you feel smaller, is your skin clearer? Yeah using this site definitely helps keep you on track :)

    I completely understand what you said about not wanting to admit that we've had a bad day, in a way I think it's made me feel guilty and like I've failed, and it's just embarrassing to be honest. I wish I could be the way I was when I did exante first time round.

    But if wishes and wants were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas! :D (that's from Big Bang Theory, not just random rhyming words lol)

    You should definitely let rip in your diary, I found that being honest when writing in my old diary on here helped me to be honest with myself. This type of diet is NOT easily, and no matter what anyone says I'll bet anything that everyone struggles, at least now and then. I remember writing before that this diet is unnatural, humans are meant to eat more than 600 calories a day, it isn't normal to be in ketosis, we're forcing our bodies to do something it isn't used to doing which I think is maybe why even slim people would struggle with so few calories, let alone people who are overweight as it would be even more of a drastic change in eating habit.

    When I struggle I'm just going to try to remember that I'm making this choice for my health and my future, and I expect pretty much everyone else is doing it for the same reasons. The thing is that no one can do it for us, and from my point of view, I'm the one that's chosen to eat the way I have, so I'm the only one who can change it.

    Starting to think about what to have for my second pack, I've still got red bean chilli and spaghetti bolognese to try so I will have one of each (one in a little while and one later). That should keep me out of trouble before I go to bed, and wake up tomorrow to face the dreaded day 3 lol I think I've got the start of a headache, possibly the infamous ketosis headache, not sure if it would be too early for it to be that?

    Were days 3 and 4 ok for you or did you struggle? I know they're crunch time for most people x

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